Do I Need a Personal Injury Lawyer?

If you have not been trained in evaluating personal injury claims and negotiating their settlement, you are unlikely to have a good idea what yours might be worth. Following an injury, a Pittsburgh personal injury lawyer from our team could advise you of the value of it.

This is true if you are planning to pursue a lawsuit against the person that injured you or file a claim with your own insurance company.

Sometimes legal guidance is enough. In other cases, you might need more than that. If the at-fault party or an insurance company refuses to negotiate with you in good faith, you could benefit from a strong advocate. We are prepared to do that for you. 

Risks of pursuing your claim without an attorney

Without a point of reference on what your claim is worth, you are at risk for settling it for far less than what it is worth. Insurance adjusters are aware of this, which is why they often aggressively try to settle before you have time to hire a lawyer.

Getting a fair amount is not the only risk you face when pursuing your claim. Without an attorney, you are at risk for unexpected consequences you may have never considered. These could include:

  • Missing vital deadlines like the Statute of Limitations
  • Missing Workers’ Compensation benefits you could be entitled to
  • Losing out on SSDI or disability benefits
  • Signing away legal rights without intending to do so
  • Leaving yourself open to civil liability

With so much on the line, it is essential to seek legal guidance before negotiating a settlement. This is true when dealing with another driver’s insurance company or your carrier.

A Pittsburgh catastrophic personal injury attorney can assist you through every step. This process starts with the evaluation of your claim and ends when your case is resolved. In between, there are countless ways an attorney can help.

What your attorney could do for you

As noted above, the benefits of experienced legal counsel can help you with every aspect of an injury claim. This can start with investigating the nature of your injury. Whether you are hurt in a car crash or a fall accident, your attorney could investigate to identify who is liable.

Determining who was at fault is not always straightforward. In some cases, multiple people or entities could play a role. Determining who was at fault is only one step in the process, however.

Many injury claims result in a financial settlement. These settlements do not just happen, though. Building a strong case and negotiating aggressively can mean the difference between a strong settlement offer and a weak one.

If your case does not settle right away, your attorney can help prepare you to file suit and go to trial. This can require the need for expert witnesses, which your legal counsel can help you obtain.

Your attorney can also compile your medical records and bills to ensure you seek the amount of compensation necessary to make you whole again.

There are also critical deadlines that come with every legal claim. Your attorney could protect your recovery by ensuring you comply with every single one.

Contact us for a free consultation

Pursuing a personal injury claim can be stressful.  We know the challenges that come with this and are prepared to work diligently to relieve that stress. This includes assisting you in preparing your claim and negotiating on your behalf.

The process of maximizing your recovery starts with your initial consultation. When you meet with us for the first time, you have the chance to ask any questions you might have about your injury or the process of recovering monetary damages. To discuss your case, reach out to us and schedule a free consultation right away.