What Are the Symptoms of a Spinal Cord Injury?

The most common warning signs of a spinal injury are– numbness, paralysis, shock, unusual head position, head or neck pain, and loss of bladder or bowel control.

Five common causes of spinal cord injuries

The spine is one of the body’s most resilient structures. It’s designed to last for a lifetime while remaining strong and flexible. But aging, illness, and accident can impair its ability to withstand stress. Here are five common causes of spinal cord injuries:

  1. Auto accidents: Especially in cases that involve trauma to the head, neck, shoulders, back, or chest.
  2. Diving mishaps: For example, jumping into a pool can cause spinal trauma, especially if the water is too shallow.
  3. Sports-related injuries: The physical force involved with contact sports such as football can inflict trauma on the spine. This is particularly likely if the victim wasn’t wearing safety gear.
  4. Slip, trip, or fall accidents: The greater the distance the person falls, the more likely they will suffer some form of spinal injury.
  5. Electrical shocks: High voltage can damage the spine in many ways, such as disrupting nerve connections or causing violent muscle spasms.

Now that we’ve considered the possible causes of spinal cord trauma, let’s take a deeper look at the symptoms we mentioned earlier.

Five symptoms of spinal cord injuries

These include:

  1. Numbness, tingling, or weakness in the arms or legs: In severe cases, the victim may be unable to walk, grasp objects, or even move.
  2. An unusual tilting of the head or body: If you notice this symptom, then do not move them! Get medical help immediately.
  3. Faintness, sweating, or incoherent speech: These are all classic symptoms of shock, which can, in turn, be induced by a spinal injury.
  4. Head or neck pain: These problems have many potential causes, including spinal injuries.
  5. Loss of bladder or bowel control: The nervous system plays a key role in regulating these body functions.

Let’s say that the person in question has received treatment and been diagnosed with a spinal cord injury. What should you do then? In most cases, taking to a Pittsburgh personal injury attorney from our firm– should be the next step. Here’s why:

  • To understand your options: Not every spinal cord injury is caused by someone else’s oversight or negligence. But, like medicine, the law is a complex field. Sorting out issues like liability is a task best left to experienced lawyers.
  • To give you a second opinion: After all, insurance companies sometimes err when it comes to assigning fault and assessing damages. Occasionally, they may even use underhanded tactics like pressuring or intimidating witnesses.
  • To send a clear message to the other side: Enlisting the aid of one of our skilled Pittsburgh spinal cord injury attorney lets insurers and negligent parties know that you’re serious about receiving fair compensation. This can have a transformative effect on how they treat you.

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