What Should I Look for in a Personal Injury Lawyer?

Look for a Pittsburgh personal injury lawyer with a proven track record, a client-centered attitude, and experience in handling your type of case. A small amount of time spent on research can pay off with significant results.

10 tips for choosing the right law firm

Selecting a law office is like any important decision. Here are some tips with that in mind:

  1. Know what you’re looking for: We live in an era of specialization. The age of the general practitioner is all but over, especially when it comes to the legal profession. For example, a personal injury law firm is the right choice if your goal is to receive fair compensation for accident-related expenses.
  2. Beware of law firms that try to hit you with fees: An attorney who believes in your case will offer free consultations and contingency terms. You should never pay a penny to tell your story to a lawyer.
  3. Remember that handling a personal injury case takes investigative as well as legal resources: All too often, negligent parties try to sweep inconvenient facts under the rug. Look for an attorney who knows how to find the evidence that others try to hide.
  4. Ask about the firm’s track record: There’s nothing wrong with a law office stating the amount of money it has recovered for its clients. Never let fear prevent you from asking this important question.
  5. Expect nothing less than what you deserve: You deserve fair, compassionate treatment.
  6. Contact the firm at a time of day that works for you: Few of us have an old-fashioned 9 to 5 workday. Good personal injury law firms are available 24/7 to match their client’s schedules and priorities.
  7. Check online reviews: The Internet is the modern version of the time-honored personal recommendation. The best way to know how a law firm will treat you is to look at how it has treated others in the past.
  8. Have an amount of compensation in mind beforehand: This should include every expense you’ve incurred due to your injuries. For example, did your hire someone to clean your house, cut your grass, or perform other routine tasks during your recovery? If so, then include those costs in your total.
  9. Look for a law office within easy reach of your home: Traveling can be unpleasant or even downright impossible for those struggling to overcome a personal injury. Look for an attorney located in or near your community.
  10. Realize that some attorneys may say “no”: This doesn’t mean that you have a bad case. It simply means that a particular law firm was not the best fit for your needs. Don’t let discouragement keep you from achieving justice.

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