Collier Personal Injury Lawyers

For those who suffer a serious injury, the pain and suffering that results is often just the beginning of the life-impacting effects. The injury can also require long-term care, cause enormous medical bills, lead to disfigurement or disability, and possibly shorten one’s lifespan or reduce their quality of life.

When someone else was legally to blame, the injured party or his or her loved ones may be entitled to compensation. Our Collier personal injury lawyers work with those who have suffered because of another’s carelessness, fighting for the funds needed to meet the mounting financial and other burdens.

What is a personal injury?

In a legal context, “personal injury” means an injury that was caused by someone else’s carelessness, recklessness, or intentional bad action.

This is important to understand for several reasons. First, injuries can be harder to recover from emotionally when they were preventable. Second, when someone else is legally to blame, there may be recourse to obtain the funds needed to reimburse the costs stemming from the injury.

When an injury is a “personal injury”, there are timelines and rules that you need to follow in order to obtain financial recovery. The statute of limitations sets a deadline to file a lawsuit and missing that deadline can also prevent an insurance settlement.

Special rules can also apply if the party at fault is a government entity. Court filings also need to meet local requirements to be valid. A skilled personal injury lawyer at our firm is a valuable resource for navigating all these issues.

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What happens when personal injury is catastrophic?

Personal injuries can be minor or severe. When they are serious enough to cause disability or disfigurement that makes a life-long impact, require many surgeries or other very intensive medical treatment, or shorten lifespan, they are what we consider “catastrophic.”

No two catastrophic injuries are identical, but some that we see often are loss of limbs, paralysis, traumatic brain injury, and internal organ damage.

Our Collier personal injury lawyers go to work for families affected by catastrophic injury. We have the skills and knowhow to advocate for maximum reimbursement of losses already incurred and those expected in the long term.

How a personal injury lawyer can help?

Navigating life after a serious accident is difficult, to say the least. Add in climbing medical bills, rehabilitation appointments, loss of wages, complex and evolving emotional needs, disability, and impairment of personal and professional relationships, and the experience may sometimes seem insurmountable.

That’s where our dedicated and experienced personal injury lawyers come in. We provide guidance and assurance during these times. We listen to you to learn about your priorities, and then we make a plan to help you meet your needs.

From forming a strategy to build and present your strongest case, to managing communications with hostile parties, to negotiating on your behalf, our lawyers take the burdens of the legal process off your shoulders to allow you to focus on recovery as best you can.

If you or a loved one has been injured in a serious accident, speak with a personal injury attorney at our firm today. We are committed to doing everything we can to obtain the compensation you deserve. Consultations are confidential and without charge.