Will My Car Insurance Pay My Medical Bills After an Accident?

Under Pennsylvania’s ‘no-fault’ car insurance laws, your own insurance is your first source of recovery. It should cover your medical bills— regardless of who caused the accident.

However, this becomes more complicated if your medical bills exceed the limits on your insurance coverage.

Pennsylvania car accident victims can benefit from the assistance of a Pittsburgh personal injury attorney when they seek to recover the full amount of both their present and future medical bills and expenses.

That recovery often involves coordinating benefits payments from many different sources— automobile liability insurers, personal health insurance, and other liable parties.

Pennsylvania ‘No Fault’ Laws and Reimbursement Limits

Every Pennsylvania driver is required to carry at least $5,000 in first-party medical benefits insurance (which is also referred to as PIP coverage) to reimburse medical expenses. Many drivers carry at least twice the minimum. This insurance will be the first payment source for the driver and passengers.

Personal Health Insurance is the Next Source of Payments

Even relatively minor accidents can leave a driver with tens of thousands of dollars in medical costs– which can quickly exceed the automobile liability coverage. The injured party’s personal or group health insurance is typically next in line to reimburse those costs and expenses.

They will need to pay close attention to insurance policy requirements that address how and when to file a claim. A Pittsburgh personal injury lawyer should review those policies as soon as it is possible to verify that everything has been filed properly.

Insurance Coverage Denials

Your automobile liability coverage and health insurance might deny coverage of certain medical bills as unreasonable, excessive, or unnecessary.

You have a right to challenge these denials, but you will need to provide objective proof that the services you received were reasonable and necessary. A car accident lawyer is best equipped to assemble that proof and to negotiate with insurance carriers.

Recovering Maximum Compensation for All of Your Medical Bills

If your accident-related medical bills are sizeable, you may need to file a claim against the at-fault driver and that driver’s insurance for reimbursement of your losses and expenses. If the other driver disputes their liability, you will likely need to file a lawsuit.

Any damages payments that you receive from that lawsuit will not be paid until after the case is settled or tried. Your medical bills will continue to pile up while your lawsuit is pending. You can get the money you need– if you do not delay the filing of your lawsuit.

Call Us for Assistance in Recovering Insurance Payments for Your Medical Bills and Other Expenses

Your medical bills after a car accident are only one part of the damages that you may be entitled to recover from your insurers as well as the at-fault party and their insurance. Depending on the facts and details of your accident, you may also be entitled to recover damages for lost wages, occupational and rehabilitation therapy, pain and suffering, and other losses.

We help Pennsylvania car crash victims file claims and negotiate with insurance companies for full payment of all accident-related medical bills.

Please see our website or call us to speak with a Pittsburgh car accident attorney. Our consultations are free, and we are available 24/7. Finally, our core value is “Doing Good by Doing Right.”