Penn Hills Personal Injury Attorneys

Chaffin Luhana provides legal assistance to injury victims and their families. A compassionate, skilled personal injury lawyer is available to help any way possible — whether it’s a referral to the best medical professionals in the Pittsburgh Metro, help with stopping the incessant calls from medical bill collectors, providing answers to questions about what really happened, or assistance filing paperwork and negotiating with insurance companies.

What Is A Strong Personal Injury Case?

Generally, a personal injury is defined as harm to a person, rather than property. There are many causes of a “personal injury.”

Automobile accidents are the most common claims with regional travel arteries like I-376, US 22, and PA 791 running through the area, but we see a number of workplace accidents, trip or slip and falls on another person’s property, preventable medical incidents, injuries caused by consumer goods, and physical/sexual assaults.

The strongest personal injury claims feature substantial physical harm to the plaintiff. The courts tend to sympathize more with severe injuries that require surgery or lengthy recoveries, permanent disabilities, and interfere with quality of life rather than with property damage, along with a few scrapes and bruises that require no medical attention and are likely to fully heal in a few weeks’ time.

David’s Auto Accident Case Testimonial for Chaffin Luhana.
Who Is At Fault?

Many people contact personal injury attorneys in the aftermath of an injury simply to find out what happened. Police departments have fewer resources to conduct thorough investigations than successful law firms. We work with teams of accident scene investigators, detectives, medical experts, insurance analysts, interview witnesses, obtain surveillance footage, and subpoena documents to get to the root cause of the accident and ascribe liability.

Even those who were partially at fault can collect compensation, as allowed by Pennsylvania law. However, the amount will be reduced based on the level of fault ascribed to the plaintiff if it is below 50 percent. When the plaintiff and defendant are both 50/50 responsible, the lawsuit will be thrown out of court. Therefore, it is vital to have strong representation and adequately paint a picture of liability.

Civil Court vs. Criminal Court

The goal of hiring a personal injury attorney is to obtain compensation to cover medical expenses, lost wages, disability-related home modifications and assistive devices, and other costs associated with a serious injury. In the worst cases, Chaffin Luhana can help plaintiffs seek money to cover a decedent’s medical bills that would otherwise come out of the estate, as well as funeral and burial costs, and supplements for lost household income.

Proudly Serving Allegheny County

Chaffin Luhana proudly serves all of Allegheny County, PA and the Greater Pittsburgh Metro region, including the residents of Penn Hills Township (zip codes 15235 and 15147).

Our clients come from Verona and Oakmont, O’Hara Township, and Blawnox in the north; Plum Borough in the east; Monroeville, Wilkins Township, Wilkinsburg, East Hills, and Churchill in the south; Homewood North and Lincoln-Lemington-Belmar in the west. Our Pittsburgh law office is located less than an hour from all of these destinations.

Representation With No Upfront Legal Fees

Contact Chaffin Luhana for a free and confidential case evaluation. All legal representation is provided on a contingency basis, with no upfront cost. Plaintiffs only pay us IF and AFTER we win money through settlement or jury award, so there is nothing to lose and everything to gain from seeking a personal injury attorney from our firm.

Chaffin Luhana’s personal injury lawyers have 85 years of combined experience. Our track record of impressive results has earned Chaffin Luhana inclusion in Super Lawyers® rankings and the Multi-Million Dollar Advocates Forum.