Harrison Truck Accident Lawyers

Trying to collect compensation from insurance companies after an auto accident can be difficult, especially when it involves a large truck. They are required to carry higher insurance than the average vehicle, often upwards of $1 million, which can make insurance companies more difficult to deal with and more aggressive in the court,

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If you or someone you love has been injured or killed in a truck accident, don’t postpone legal action. Call our Harrison truck accident lawyers at Chaffin Luhana today and let us use our 85 years of combined knowledge to win you the money you deserve.

Liable parties in a truck accident

Unlike auto accidents, where the parties at fault are typically a driver and their respective insurance company, a truck accident can involve several responsible parties. When you work with a truck accident attorney from our firm, we’ll make sure to fully investigate and uncover all of those responsible for your injuries and prove their negligence.

Parties who may be liable include:

  • Truck driver for failure to follow driving laws and other regulations
  • Mechanic or manufacturer for defective devices or other mechanical problems
  • Transportation company for failing to provide proper training, allowing drivers to operate beyond his or her license, unrealistic timelines for the driver, or unsafe routes
  • Road hazards such as ice, snow, rain, or poorly marked construction
  • Other drivers who caused the accident to occur
  • Insurance companies who cover and represent the above the parties

Depending on your case, one or more of these parties could be held responsible for their negligent actions (or lack of action) that ultimately led to your injuries. Your Pittsburgh Truck Accident Lawyer will help you determine who is at fault.

Damages that can be included in your lawsuit

Recovering from severe injuries or learning to cope with permanent disabilities or the loss of a loved one can be difficult. When a person is involved in a truck accident, there are often many other things lost such as financial stability, or peace of mind. In your lawsuit, our Harrison Truck Accident Lawyers will work hard to fight for the money you need not just for medical care, but all the other costs associated with the injury as well.

Typical items included in our lawsuit are:

  • Property damage
  • Cost of current and on-going medical care
  • Lost wages or inability to work
  • Decrease in quality of life
  • Funeral and memorial expenses
  • Emotional distress and trauma
  • Cost of additional home and family care

Your Pittsburgh Truck Accident Lawyer will dig deep into all of the impacts the accident has had or may have on you and your family to make sure you’re awarded the most amount of money possible.

Chaffin Luhana Harrison Truck Accident Lawyers

If you’ve been involved in a truck accident, don’t wait another moment to call our legal team. We’ll provide you with a free consultation and a legal team that has more than 85 years of experiencing and has collected more than $1 billion for clients.

We also staff a social worker, medical record specialists, and a client services team to make the legal process as easy and painless as possible so you can focus on recovering from your injuries and losses. Plus, you’ll never have to worry about fees because we don’t get paid unless you do. Contact us today to see how we can help you.