Dormont Car Accident Lawyer

Pittsburgh is ranked as one of America’s best cities, and with good reason. Our community is rich in history, culture, and scenic beauty. But an auto accident can make even the best Pittsburgh road trip go the wrong way.

How Much is My Case Worth?

The big insurance companies have legions of well-paid lawyers on their payroll. You can count on them to watch out for their own interests. The big question is who will watch out for yours.

That’s where choosing the right Dormont car accident attorney comes into the picture. A quick talk with one of our experts can make a lifelong difference in how your case turns out.

What Sets Us Apart from the Rest

Why should you choose our firm to represent you? Here are three good reasons:

  1. Our client-centered approach: You’re never just a case number to us. You’re a human being who deserves not only fair compensation but compassionate care as well. That’s why we never charge our clients upfront fees.
  2. Our specialized expertise and experience: Auto accident law becomes more complex every day. Why trust a jack-of-all-trades attorney to provide the expert counsel you need?
  3. Our proven track record: Our lawyers have recovered over $1 billion for their clients. These results speak for themselves.

Involved in an Auto Accident? Here’s What You Should Do Right Away

The actions you take after a collision are critical to how the ongoing situation shapes up. Here are some crucial steps to take during this time:

  • Contact law enforcement: Never assume that an accident is too minor to involve the police. An officer’s testimony plays a vital role in most cases.
  • Get medical help: What seems like a small injury at the moment can have huge consequences later on. Only a qualified healthcare provider can give you the green light.
  • Take no chances with your vehicle: A skilled auto technician should inspect your car or truck as soon as possible. Modern automobiles have thousands of interrelated parts. A problem with any of them can impair your vehicle’s safety or performance.
  • Record as much information as you can: This should include the time and place of the wreck, the names and license plate numbers of the other parties, and anything else that comes to mind. It’s a good idea to always keep a pen and paper in your vehicle for this purpose.
  • Seek legal counsel right away: The state of Pennsylvania imposes strict time limits on how long you can wait to initiate legal action. Even a brief delay can lead to the loss of critical evidence.

The Last Word on Auto Accidents

Remember, only a Pittsburgh car accident lawyer can provide qualified legal advice after an auto wreck. Now is the time to size up your options, before statutes of limitation close the opportunity forever.

There’s no substitute for quick action when it comes to seeking a fair outcome. The actions you take right now can impact you for a long, long time. Whatever decisions you make, we wish you all the best as you travel down life’s many roads.