McKees Rocks Car Accident Lawyer

For many of us, we rarely consider the potential for a vehicle collision and the life-altering impacts it can have on our lives. Yet, more than 6 million car accidents happen each year in the U.S. with more than 2.35 million people experiencing injuries, disabilities, and even death.

Pittsburgh Injury Attorneys – Chaffin Luhana

Accidents happen every day to normal people driving their kids to school, making their way to and from work, grabbing groceries for dinner, and can often have a dramatic effect on our health, our finances, our lifestyle, and more. If you’ve experienced one of these accidents, you could be eligible for more money than the insurance company is offering.

At Chaffin Luhana, our McKees Rocks car accident lawyers understand the pain that a car accident victim and their family suffer through after a severe auto accident and we have committed ourselves to help people find some relief after their traumatic experience.

Why you should fight for more

When a person experiences a severe injury or loses a person they love in a car accident, the impacts are much greater than damage to property and current medical bills. These injuries can have lasting impacts on our lives that require drastic changes to our lifestyles and ongoing healthcare treatment.

Accident injuries can result in unemployment or an inability to perform full job functions both at work and at home. Over time, these expenses can add up to much more than the amount the insurance company offers.

The best thing you can do after an auto accident is to call a Pittsburgh car accident lawyer at our firm. We can empower you with our knowledge and expertise and make sure that everything possible is done to help you receive a settlement that is fair for your losses.

Why you should choose Chaffin Luhana

Our attorneys have more than 85 years of combined experience and have helped their clients collect $1 billion in damages. We work hard to fully investigate and understand your case in order to win you the most amount of money possible.

We also believe that after an accident, your focus should be on a speedy, healthy recovery and not on the intricate and complex process of building a lawsuit. That’s why we have medical records specialists, a social worker, a client services team, and an extensive network of firms across the country who work with us.

Have you been hurt in a car accident, and aren’t sure what to do next? Call us, we can help. Your first consultation with our team is always free, and you never pay for our services unless we recover monetary compensation on your behalf.