Moon Car Accident Lawyers


Motor vehicle accidents are one of the top reasons Moon, PA residents file personal injury lawsuits. Nobody wants to go to court – but, rather, they are forced to exercise their full set of legal rights with a car accident lawyer when the financial strain becomes unbearable.

Officials from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) report that the average cost of a car accident is about $3,300 for emergency room services and $57,000 for hospitalization over a patient’s lifetime. When these costs are coupled with the inability or reduced capacity to work, the personal impact is magnified considerably.

At Chaffin Luhana, our Moon car accident lawyers understand the hardship you are going through and can help you recoup out-of-pocket costs. From medical expenses and medications to home modifications and lost wages, all your tangible losses can be paid for by the at-fault party.

In the pursuit of maximum compensation, a car accident attorney will also make a case for the intangible pain and suffering you have faced through little to no fault of your own. Grieving spouses and dependents may have a wrongful death claim to cover funeral and burial expenses, as well as loss of companionship, financial support, and guidance.

Auto Accidents (FAQs)
Allegheny County Leads Pennsylvania in Motor Vehicle Accidents 

Moon Township’s Allegheny County has the most motor vehicle collisions of any county in Pennsylvania, accounting for roughly 10 percent of all accidents in the state. Over a two-year period, the total number tops 15,700 – including nearly 700 more accidents than Philadelphia County, which is most populous. In fact, the counties of Delaware and Montgomery outnumber our population per square mile but see fewer crashes.

While most of the accidents happen in the Pittsburgh metro area, Moon Township has its fair share of dangerous and deadly intersections– primarily along the bustling University Boulevard corridor near Robert Morris University and new retail shopping developments. With more than 80,000 people working in the five miles surrounding the boulevard, it’s no wonder accidents occur.

Among the most dangerous Allegheny County intersections are:

  • University Boulevard & Campus Drive – 20 accidents in three years
  • University Boulevard & Patton Drive – 15 accidents
  • University Boulevard & Thorn Run Road – 9 accidents

While the causes of collisions are complex, most motorists are attempting to make a left-hand turn when the collision occurs. Other times, a vehicle may veer over the line or the driver had been drinking. Some accident victims will walk away, but others require emergency care for broken bones, sprained muscles, and head injuries.

In the worst cases, drivers and their passengers are ejected from the vehicles, trapped in a fire, or killed by the crushing blow of the wreckage. While no amount of money can undo the damage done in these tragic accidents, you can hold others accountable for their negligence or recklessness.

Moon Personal Injury Attorneys Look Out For Your Best Interests 

Car insurance rarely, if ever, pays the total cost of a serious car accident– but they will try to convince you their first offer is fair. They will prey upon your desire to put the accident behind you as swiftly as possible. Working with our Moon Car Accident lawyers costs you nothing up front.

We cover all the expenses for investigating the accident, filing paperwork, preparing documents, storing evidence, and taking depositions. You only pay a set percentage after we secure a settlement or jury award on your behalf. Our experienced attorneys have recovered over $1 billion for injury victims and we will fight for you. Contact our team for a free, no-obligation case review with a Pittsburgh car accident lawyer.