Shaler Car Accident Lawyers

Car accidents are an unfortunate part of life in Shaler, Pennsylvania. They can lead to life-altering injuries in the blink of an eye. At Chaffin Luhana, our we have dedicated our careers to protecting the legal rights of Shaler residents. If you have suffered an injury due to the negligence of another driver, you have the right to seek compensation.

Successfully pursuing compensation in a car accident can be challenging. It is critical that you can count on a car accident attorney to thoroughly investigate every aspect of your wreck. By leaving no stone unturned, your attorney may be able to build a strong case for damages.

Pittsburgh Injury Attorneys – Chaffin Luhana
Valuing your injury claim

Identifying these damages is one of the primary roles of a Pittsburgh car accident lawyer. You are entitled to pursue any damages that stem from your car crash– medical costs, lost income, suffering, and loss of enjoyment in life.

Pennsylvania, unlike some states, has no cap on personal injury claims. In other words, there are no arbitrary limits on recovering what you have lost in your accident. There are, however, limits on punitive damages. Punitive damages are capped at double the amount of actual damages awarded.

Finding the right legal counsel is an important step in recovering the compensation you deserve. The opposing side will be ready for a legal battle. Our Shaler Car Accident Lawyers have been winning legal battles for years and are ready to stand by your side.

No fee guarantee

At Chaffin Luhana, your ability to afford an attorney will never be an issue. Unlike some attorneys, our firm knows that a car accident can leave you on unstable financial ground. That is why we never collect a fee unless we are successful in your case. In addition, we make sure your story is told, and your injuries are not minimized.

Our Shaler Car Accident Lawyers work on a contingency fee agreed to at the beginning of your case. If we are successful in recovering your damages, we recover our fee as a percentage of your settlement. If we are unsuccessful, you will not owe us anything.

Our commitment to our clients goes beyond our no fee guarantee, however. We cover the upfront expenses related to your lawsuit, including court costs, expert witness retainers, and deposition expenses. We will never let your financial situation get in the way of recovering compensation for your injuries.

Getting the most out of your claim

Our attorneys have a long record of success. With more than 85 years of combined experience, our skilled lawyers have the knowledge to get the most out of your damage claim. This experience has helped our attorneys recover over $1 billion for their clients. To get the legal counsel you deserve, call today and schedule your initial consultation.

No obligation, no cost consultation

Selecting a Pittsburgh personal injury attorney is a serious decision that can have a significant impact on the rest of your life. At Chaffin Luhana, our initial consultations are always free. We are ready to answer your questions and will never use high-pressure sales tactics to get you on board. To get the process started, contact us today by text, e-mail, or phone. We are available 24/7.