What Happens if I’m a Passenger in a Car Accident?

Passengers in a car accident typically have the option of filing a third-party claim with either of the driver’s or other party’s insurance company. One exception to this rule is when the passenger is related to the driver. In these cases, the driver’s coverage usually extends to the passenger– as a matter of policy.

As with most legal issues, however, the way a particular case plays out can depend on multiple factors. In this post, we’ll consider some of these issues.

Yes, passengers are typically covered by insurance

Auto coverage is intended to protect not only the drivers of the respective vehicles, but other parties involved with the collision as well. Passengers are regarded as third parties for legal reasons. Usually, the only exceptions to this rule are relatives, as noted earlier.

What about Uber™ and Lyft? ™

This question is becoming more common, as more and more people discover the value of these services. The answer is that both Uber™ and Lyft™ drivers typically carry commercial coverage above and beyond their standard auto insurance. Filing a claim with these companies follows the same pattern as with the scenarios discussed above.

What if my medical bills exceed the amount of coverage?

Sometimes one driver’s coverage is not enough to cover the injured party’s claim. When that happens, the accident victim may be able to file claims against the drivers of both vehicles.

Paying your bills while waiting for your claim’s approval

You should never let worries about coverage keep you from getting prompt medical treatment after an accident. Your health and wellbeing are too important to leave to chance.

For now, you may need to fall back on private health coverage or programs such as Medicaid. Making a payment arrangement with care providers is another option. Most clinics and hospitals understand the problems that accident victims encounter and are willing to work with patients.

When it’s time to talk to our Chaffin Luhana team of Pittsburgh car accident lawyers

In almost all cases, auto accident victims are well-advised to consult a Pittsburgh car accident lawyer before settling a claim. Here’s why:

  • Insurance adjusters are not legal experts: Their job is to settle claims as efficiently as possible, preferably while saving money for their employer. Not only is their knowledge limited, but their personal interests are also often at cross purposes with those of accident victims.
  • Hiring an attorney sends a clear message to the other side: It proves that you’re serious about getting every penny of the compensation you deserve. This can make all the difference in the world to how the situation ultimately turns out.
  • Knowing where you stand can give you much-needed peace of mind: One of the worst things about suffering an injury is the uncertainty it entails. Talking to a personal injury attorney in Pittsburgh can give you a feeling of empowerment, one that enhances every aspect of your-post accident recovery.

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