Mt. Lebanon Personal Injury Lawyers


All personal injuries have the potential to disrupt the life, finances, and emotional well-being of you and your loved ones. Our Mt. Lebanon personal injury lawyers handle catastrophic injury claims and understand the crucial steps needed to prove a case and recover maximum compensation for you.

We take these kinds of cases seriously and build relationships with our clients struggling to recover from serious injuries.

Costs of a catastrophic injury claim
A distinguishing factor of a catastrophic injury is its long-term impact. This usually affects not just the victim but the victim’s family members, who may become daily caregivers or face lost wages.

A catastrophic injury does not always need to completely rob the victim or his or her family of their quality of life. A long-term plan of treatment, assistance, and rehabilitation may help the victim regain the ability to participate in many of his or her prior activities. Unfortunately, these options come with a price.

When dealing with a major impairment such as paralysis, loss of a limb, or traumatic brain injury, the initial and continued treatment can become VERY costly over time, even with insurance. These amounts often exceed the limits of the victim’s health insurance policies.

However, hiring the right attorney with the experience and skill to understand, plan, and carry out a complex injury claim may relieve the financial and emotional burdens for your family.

Will My Case Go To Court or Settle Before?

Recovering compensation for a catastrophic injury
Determining the value of a catastrophic injury claim is complex and should be handled by an experienced legal team like ours. The long-term nature impacts far more than finances and can reduce one’s life expectancy and quality of life while also impacting the victim and their family psychologically and emotionally.

In personal injury cases, a common method of determining the value of the non-economic damages like pain and suffering and loss of enjoyment is to apply a multiplier.

In the case of a less severe injury, the value of the economic damages like medical bills may be multiplied by a number such as 2, 3, or 5, depending on the impact the injury had on the victim. In a catastrophic case, the economic damages may be multiplied by a far higher number like 10 or even 20.

Your personal injury lawyer may use a number of resources to put a target value on your case including input from expert witnesses and research on similar cases in your jurisdiction.

Contact a personal injury lawyer with complex case experience

When you or a loved one has suffered a serious personal injury, the most important first step is to choose an experienced personal injury attorney. Our attorneys and legal team specialize in the tough cases.

The Chaffin Luhana team includes court-appointed leaders of national complex litigation; former federal and state prosecutors, law clerks, and large defense firm attorneys; senior paralegals; medical record specialists; and a social worker.

We are committed to helping those who have suffered serious injuries through the complex litigation process. Call our offices today to find out how we can help – a consultation is always free and confidential.