Avalon Truck Accident Lawyer

No one leaves home expecting to be involved in a truck crash. Unfortunately, far too many Avalon residents are involved in devastating truck accidents each year. Due to the size of massive commercial trucks, the damage they can deal to a passenger vehicle is enormous.

How Much is My Case Worth?

If you have suffered an injury in a truck crash, you could be entitled to monetary compensation. While a truck operator’s negligence may be responsible for a crash, there are a number of other potential causes as well. An Avalon truck accident lawyer could help you identify every source of compensation for your injury claim.

At Chaffin Luhana, we are proud of our role as advocate for the personal injury victims of Avalon. We have a combined 85+ years of litigation experience, which we use to our client’s benefit. Our skilled attorneys come from diverse backgrounds, and each of them provides a unique set of skills that could help you recover the compensation you deserve. Contact Chaffin Luhana today to learn more.

Potential defendants in a truck accident lawsuit

Tracking down every party responsible for your accident is one of the first steps a Pittsburgh truck accident lawyer will take on your claim. While the truck operator that struck you is often at fault, there are always exceptions to every rule. In fact, some claims will have more than one responsible party.

Truck operators are the most common defendant in a truck crash for a reason. Many of these accidents result from their negligent operation of a commercial vehicle. This often involves moving violations like speeding, failing to yield, or driving while intoxicated. A truck driver could also face liability if they violate rules regarding hours of operation or are driving an overweight truck.

Truck owners are also commonly at fault. Not only do trucking companies face liability when their drivers negligently cause a crash, but they could also be on the hook for their own reasons. A truck owner is liable if they negligently hire a dangerous driver or fail to maintain a truck in safe working order.

Finally, truck manufacturers are also common defendants in these claims. When a truck or one of its parts is defective, it can lead to a crash. Manufacturers could face a civil lawsuit if their defective part leads to an accident.

Take advantage of our no-fee guarantee

Because of our dedication to our clients, we will never take a fee in a truck accident lawsuit unless we recover compensation on a claim. If we are unsuccessful, you will never have to pay us a dollar. We are transparent on the front-end about our contingency rate, and we will never increase that rate during the course of your claim.

Speak with an Avalon truck accident lawyer right away

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