Liberty Truck Accident Lawyer

For a town of its size, Liberty enjoys a thriving economy and excellent prospects, thanks to the transportation system that joins us to the rest of America. Yet the highways that link us together can be a setting for catastrophe when large commercial trucks are out of control.

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A personal injury attorney in the Pittsburgh area may not be the first person on your mind right now. But they can be a lifesaver when you’re struggling with the aftermath of a collision. With that in mind, let’s consider for a moment why these accidents are so devastating to their victims.

80,000 pounds of rubber and steel rolling down the road

Our modern transportation system truly is a work of art. It enables us to enjoy fresh produce in the middle of winter, choose from a worldwide market of finished goods, and connect with others over great distances through letters and packages.

But this wonder of modern technology doesn’t always work the way it should. Here are some of the factors that can turn an ordinary trip into a terrifying ordeal:

  • Distracted truckers: All of us are aware of the problems posed by using smartphones and other devices while behind the wheel. This becomes much more serious when the driver sending an email is also operating an 80,000-pound 18 wheeler going 70 mph.
  • Defective safety equipment: A commercial truck is more complex than a Swiss-made watch. Each of its parts must work perfectly. Yet poor maintenance, manufacturer oversights, and shoddy repairs can make the margin of safety narrower than ever before.
  • Deteriorating roads: Not all trucking accidents are caused by bad drivers or unsafe trucks. Highway hazards like crumbling shoulders, unmarked construction sites, and open potholes can create catastrophic results.

Sorting out the causes of a trucking accident is beyond the skill set of the average lawyer. You need the kind of high-powered legal and investigative skill that only a Pittsburgh truck accident attorney can provide. Otherwise, you may miss the full amount of compensation you need and deserve.

What to look for in Liberty truck accident lawyers

Choosing a law firm to handle your case is a huge decision. But knowing what to look for can help you to come out ahead. Key features to consider include:

  • Proven experience: Intelligent, seasoned Liberty truck accident lawyers have been practicing law for many years. This gives them an edge.
  • Proven investigative ability: Going up against trucking companies and insurance firms is tough. You’ll need to prove your side of the story. So, look for a law firm that can uncover the facts in your case.
  • Proven track record: Always ask a potential law firm how much money it has recovered for its clients. When you do, keep in mind that our attorneys have recovered more than $1 billion. We’ve also had significant results for mass tort litigation in State and Federal Courts across the country, as well as multi-million-dollar individual recoveries

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