Penn Hills Truck Accident Lawyers

Penn Hills is one of Pittsburgh’s most celebrated communities. Our area is rich in history and culture. But trucking accidents can occur anywhere, even in quiet, residential neighborhoods.

The big transport companies have deep pockets and plenty of high-powered attorneys on their payroll. This can make it difficult to get the compensation you deserve, even when the facts are on your side.

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One way to give yourself a fighting chance is to enlist the services of a capable and compassionate truck accident lawyer from our firm. Our attorneys specialize in representing people who have suffered pain, injury, or property damage due to a trucking-related accident.

Anytime, Anywhere, to Anyone

Most of us live our lives, assuming that each day will turn out pretty much like the one before. We go to work or school, run our weekly errands, buy our groceries, and take a little break for relaxation and recreation.

But occasionally things go very wrong. To see what we mean, consider the following facts:

  • There are over 2 million commercial trucks and buses active on our highways: The number increases every year, due to the expanding economy and driver turnover.
  • In 2019 alone, more than 4000 of these vehicles will be involved in an accident, thousands of which will result in fatalities or serious injuries.
  • There are many ways that a driver can lose control of a big rig: One of the most common examples is a jackknife, in which the trailer swerves in the opposite direction of the truck itself.
  • Other types of common trucking accidents include rollovers, vehicle-to-vehicle collisions, and trucks sliding off the road: Contributing factors may include bad weather, poor visibility, or driver inattention.

An out-of-control truck or other large commercial vehicle is a missile of destruction. Anyone or anything which gets in its way will pay the price, even when the accident is not their fault.

Putting the Pieces of Your Life Back Together Afterwards

Big transport companies conduct hundreds of millions of dollars in business each year. This gives them enormous financial resources, which they can use to defend their interests.

Dealing with them effectively is beyond the skill set of most people. That’s why you need the kind of skilled representation that only a specially trained truck accident attorney can provide.

Our lawyers have devoted their lives to representing people like you. They have access to investigative and legal resources that most regular Penn Hills car accident lawyers may not have.

With a Pittsburgh truck accident lawyer from our firm on your side, you’ll have the same kind of high-powered legal muscle that the big trucking companies already possess. This will give you the best possible chance of proving your case.

At Chaffin Luhana, we have 85+ years of combined experience in dealing with trucking-related claims. Our attorneys have recovered more than $1 billion for our clients. We have an experienced team to determine the causes of negligence by digging deep into the science and facts of the case.

Are you worried about legal fees? Don’t be. We never charge for a consultation, and you’ll pay nothing at all unless your case prevails. Contact us today to find out more. We’re available 24/7 for your convenience.