Plum Truck Accident Lawyers

Living in Plum, Pennsylvania, has its charms, whether you’re in the mood for a hike in the Alleghenies or a night out on the town in Pittsburgh. All you need is a safe, reliable vehicle to get you where you need to go.

The benefits of our national highway system go beyond a quick automotive trip, of course. Think of all the products that fill the store shelves in our community, thanks to our nation’s network of truckers.

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This remarkable transportation system has a dark side, however. The sheer size and weight of the typical big rig make it a dangerous weapon when mishandled. The following facts tell a disturbing story:

  • More than 4000 crashes involving large trucks and buses occurred in the year 2016 alone.
  • 4564 people lost their lives in these accidents, a 5% increase from the year before.
  • A fully loaded tractor-trailer can weigh as much as 80,000 pounds: Bringing one of these vehicles to a complete stop can require the length of two football fields.
  • Many truckers drive too many miles and get too little rest: This can make them drowsy or distracted when they’re behind the wheel.

Hopefully, neither you nor a loved one will ever be involved in a trucking-related accident. But, should the worst occur, it’s good to know that a Chaffin Luhana truck accident attorney can help you to get the compensation you deserve.

We have a highly trained client services team that includes an on-staff social worker. This team would be available to you 24/7.

Why Trucking Law is a Specialized Field

Clients sometimes ask why they should trust their case to our Plum truck accident lawyers, rather than a general-practice attorney. Here are three reasons:

  1. State and federal trucking laws become more intricate every year: Computerized logbooks, fuel-saving add-ons, and satellite tracking devices add multiple layers of complexity to this already complicated topic.
  2. Knowledge of the law alone isn’t enough: A qualified trucking accident attorney must also have access to state-of-the-art investigative tools. Otherwise, information critical to the case might be overlooked or lost entirely.
  3. Insurance companies have a much bigger stake in the outcome: Large commercial vehicles are typically insured for up to $1 million or more. This can make the insurance companies reluctant to pay a claim, even when the facts are against them.

Add it all up, and the verdict becomes clear. You need a skilled Pittsburgh truck accident attorney to represent your case. Otherwise you risk going into the claims process unprepared.

Why Chaffin Luhana?

There are plenty of law firms out there, each of them claiming to be the best. But we do more than just talk. We back up our statements with facts like these:

  • $1 billion: That’s the amount of money our attorneys have recovered for our valued clients over the years.
  • Nationwide resources: We have offices in New York, Pittsburgh, and West Virginia. Plus, we have contacts with investigative experts around the country.
  • Our client-centered attitude: We always put the client first. You’ll see this reflected in everything we do, from our friendly greeting to the way we structure our compensation. You pay nothing unless your case prevails.

Statute of limitations laws limit the amount of time you have to act. Contact our office today if you’ve been involved in a trucking-related accident. We’re available 24/7 for your convenience.