Reserve Truck Accident Lawyers

Given its proximity to I-279, Reserve is no stranger to large commercial vehicles. These big trucks carry the goods necessary to keep the economy moving. Even though trucks are a necessary part of the economy, there is no denying that they represent a safety risk for pedestrians as well as motorists.

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When an 18-wheeler causes an accident, our team of Reserve truck accident lawyers could help hold them accountable.

The injuries are often catastrophic. These are more than cuts and bruises; truck injuries can alter your life completely.

In addition to the physical pain that comes with these injuries, they could also lead to costly medical treatment for years to come. If you are ready to obtain compensation, contact our Pittsburgh personal injury law firm as soon as possible.

Available compensation in a truck accident

When you are struck by a commercial vehicle, many types of compensation could be available to you. First of all, you could be compensated for your medical bills that come with a crash– however, these are not the only types of damages available.

With a successful claim, you could recover both economic and non-economic damages. Economic damages are measurable losses like medical bills or lost wages. Proving the value of this compensation at trial typically boils down to providing copies of paid bills, invoices, or receipts.

Non-economic damages compensate a victim for subjective, personal losses. These damages stand out because they are difficult to evaluate. Losses like physical pain and suffering differ from one victim to another, making it impossible to establish their value with receipts or bills.

Pain and suffering, as well as mental anguish, are two common types of non-economic damages in a truck accident. Other examples of damages include:

  • Diminished future earning capacity
  • Lost wages
  • Vehicle repair costs
  • Disfigurement
  • Future and past medical bills
  • Disability
  • Pain and suffering
  • Mental anguish
  • Loss of consortium

When you discuss your case with a Pittsburgh truck accident attorney from our firm, they can advise you on the damages that could be available in your claim.

Questions to ask during an initial consultation

We offer a free consultation for any truck accident victim. To ensure you get the most out of your meeting, it can help to come in with prepared questions. Some helpful questions include:

  • How much trial experience do you have?
  • How much large truck accident experience do you have?
  • Have you had a case similar to mine?
  • What was the outcome?
  • If I call your office, will I speak to you or an assistant?
  • What do you estimate the value of my claim to be?

Contact our team of Reserve truck accident lawyers

When it comes to a lawsuit, there is no time to delay. Your attorney will need as much time as they have available to research your claim and build a winning case. To discuss your options with us, call right away to set up your free initial consultation. We’re available 24/7.