Shaler Truck Accident Lawyer

When the unexpected happens, it’s good to know that a truck accident lawyer is here to help you get the compensation you deserve.

Of course, the best way to deal with commercial vehicle accidents is to prevent them from occurring in the first place. With that in mind, let’s look at some common causes of truck accidents. Use this information to help navigate your way safely through our highways.

How Much is My Case Worth?

Five common causes of truck accidents

In 2007, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) commissioned a study of trucking accidents nationwide. Here are some of the common causes of these devastating wrecks, according to the research:

  • Driver fatigue or inattention: Big rigs are powerful, immensely complicated pieces of equipment. They require constant attention to avoid accidents.
  • Mechanical or load-related problems: For example, semi-truck brakes require regular care to function properly. But maintenance crews sometimes rush through the job or skip it entirely.
  • Poor weather or road conditions: If you live in a hilly area like Shaler, then you have probably seen runaway truck ramps along the roadside. They’re a poignant reminder that even well-maintained trucks can fail under extreme conditions.

Whatever the cause of a trucking accident, the consequences can be devastating for its victims.

The big boys play by their own rules

While transport companies carry coverage on their vehicles, the sheer cost of paying an accident claim makes some insurers reluctant to honor their obligations.

This can create needless suffering and worry for those affected by the collision. When average people go up against big companies, all too often, it’s the victim who gets the short end of the stick.

Fortunately, there’s an answer to this problem. A Pittsburgh truck accident attorney is a highly trained legal expert with the skill and experience needed to deal with big insurance and transport companies.  Having one of these professionals in your corner can make all the difference to how your case turns out.

Three tips for choosing the right Shaler truck accident lawyers

You already know that there’s more than one truck accident law firm in our area. With so many choices, how do you narrow down your options? Here are three helpful guidelines:

  1. Check their reputation: Great law firms distinguish themselves, not only by their skill but by their commitment to their clients. Here at Chaffin Luhana, our core value says it all: “Doing Good by Doing Right.”
  2. Check their resources: Crucial legal decisions sometimes hinge on the smallest details. That’s why you should choose a law firm like Chaffin Luhana—which has the legal and investigative firepower to uncover the facts you need.
  3. Check their record: Here at Chaffin Luhana, our attorneys have recovered more than $1 billion for our clients over the years.

In addition, we will dig deep into the details to maximize your monetary recovery and support you in your physical and emotional recovery. We make sure your story is told, and your injuries are not minimized, and we have 85+ years of combined experience.

Contact our office today if we can help in any way. We’re available 24/7 for your convenience. Consultations are always free, and we collect no fees unless your case prevails. In the meantime, stay safe and be well.