Pittsburgh Toxic Exposure Injury Lawsuits

Our attorneys have the experience and resources to fight for you if you or a family member has been a victim of toxic exposure. If you work in the oil & gas industry, manufacturing or trucking, you may be surrounded by toxic materials on a regular basis. Even after years on the job without incident, a single mishap may lead to catastrophe. Machinery may fail. Containers carrying toxic materials may break down. A fellow employee may have been negligent and contributed to dangerous conditions.

A company extracting natural gas or oil may have led to an explosion, geological collapse, or leak. Our attorneys are prepared to assist if you have suffered a catastrophic injury or your family is mourning a wrongful death from toxic exposure. Injuries may be related to dramatic explosions or cataclysms. However, illness and serious injury can also be the result of long-term exposure to toxic material.

Regardless of the details of your case, Chaffin Luhana is prepared for all toxic exposure injury lawsuits. From our law offices in Pennsylvania, New York and West Virginia, we represent clients from throughout the East Coast with a particular emphasis on the Ohio Valley. Many of the clients we represent come from the following industries:

  • Factory and industrial manufacturing
  • Fracking, including on the Marcellus Shale
  • Oil & gas
  • Steel & iron
  • Trucking and shipping

At our law firm we believe that all injury victims deserve legal representation from attorneys who have extensive experience and vast resources. When a massive corporation and its army of lawyers fight to withhold paying fair compensation to injury victims, we fight back. We have proven that we can win even against the most well-funded and aggressive opponents. We have recovered nearly $1 billion for our injured clients.

Toxic Fumes, Liquid and Gas May Cause Catastrophe

While many cases involving toxic exposure are dramatic and covered by the mass media, many toxic exposure injuries are caused by consistent exposure to toxins over long periods of time. These cases may be less dramatic and receive less coverage than explosions and massive spills. While we are prepared for the very dramatic and high profile cases, we also have the legal skill and necessary resources to investigate and litigate the cases that receive less media coverage.

No matter the situation you face, if you are considering a toxic exposure injury lawsuit, call on Chaffin Luhana. We have the resources, the experience and the dedication to fight for our clients’ best interests in even the most complex legal challenges.

Injuries due to toxic exposure may be extremely serious: internal organ injury including lung damage, blindness, severe burns requiring extensive surgical intervention and lifelong pain management, or wrongful death. In all of these cases, victims and their families deserve fair compensation. A toxic exposure injury lawsuit may be the only way to achieve that compensation. Call Chaffin Luhana for experienced legal allies for the fight ahead.