Who is Eligible to File a Hernia Mesh Lawsuit?

If you underwent a hernia mesh repair and experienced serious complications, including but not limited to excruciating pain, mesh migration, infection, organ puncture, and bowel perforation – you may be eligible to file a lawsuit. Thousands of injured patients have already done so. And with more than 1 million people undergoing hernia repairs in the United States each year and the widespread use of hernia mesh to complete those repairs, many more hernia mesh lawsuits may be filed in the coming months and years. Many of these lawsuits are consolidated in multi-district litigation against John & Johnson/Ethicon in Georgia, and against Atrium in New Hampshire.

Do I qualify to file a hernia mesh lawsuit?

It is important to speak with hernia mesh lawyer, because your eligibility will depend on the facts of your situation. Some information that you should have handy when you speak with a lawyer is:

  • The manufacturer and brand of your implanted mesh product
  • Date of implant surgery
  • Name and location of the hospital where surgery was performed and the doctor who performed it
  • The type of complications suffered
  • Dates when complications appeared and/or were diagnosed

Dates of implantation surgery and of complications are important because they affect the statute of limitations; if you do not file your claim by strict time deadlines, you could forfeit your rights entirely.

How do I file a hernia mesh lawsuit?

Because the statute of limitations clock begins to run from the time when you know, or reasonably should know, that you have suffered a mesh-related injury, it is important to speak with a skilled mesh attorney as soon as possible. Look for an attorney who has specific experience with defective medical device claims.

If your attorney determines that you are eligible to file a hernia mesh lawsuit, he or she will also determine the proper forum in which to file it. Because mesh lawsuits are being consolidated in multi-district litigation, the chances are that your lawsuit will be filed locally where you live, but may be transferred during pre-trial proceedings. This means an out-of-state court may make initial determinations on matters like discovery questions. If the case does not settle before trial, it will likely be transferred back to your local court to proceed to trial.

Receive fair compensation for hernia mesh injuries

Those who suffer serious complications due to defective surgical mesh can face mounting medical bills, painful revision surgery, lost income while injured and during recovery, and many other losses. An experienced personal injury lawyer can help determine the full scope of damages, assemble the evidence needed to persuade a jury of your losses, and advocate for full compensation.

If you or a loved one received a hernia mesh implant and suffered serious complications as a result, call Chaffin Luhana today to find out whether you may be eligible to file a claim. We are currently investigating mesh injury cases and invite you to call us for a confidential consultation.

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