Attorney Referrals

The best compliment we receive at our firm is a referral.  It is a testament that other attorneys respect our work.  Often, we receive referrals from both plaintiffs and defense attorneys, and often we receive referrals from defense attorneys against whom we have litigated cases.

Whether you’re looking to refer a client or establish a co-counsel arrangement, partnering with Chaffin Luhana LLP will ensure that both you and your client are rewarded.  We receive referrals from attorneys across the country.  We also co-counsel cases with attorneys who want to remain actively involved in the litigation. 

“I can sleep well at night knowing that I refer cases to Chaffin Luhana, and Roopal and Eric, because I know they take care of my clients. I know they aggressively prosecute the cases, and I know we’re going to have a great outcome at the end of the day, which will be great for the client, and which is great for my firm as well.” -Tom Young Esq. Managing Partner, Young & Partners Law Firm Co-Founder, Injury Board
When you contact us, you will interact directly with our attorneys, rather than a paralegal or a legal assistant.  The attorney will discuss the case with you, confirm that we do not have a conflict and obtain as much information as possible to review the potential matter, analyze the merits of the case, and provide you and your client with feedback about the potential success of the case.  If we accept the case, we will confirm the fee split and responsibilities in writing. We will also keep you and your clients informed of the status of the litigation and provide regular status reports. Our aim is to make you look good to your clients and produce results.  Our team of attorneys and staff include former federal and state prosecutors, former law clerks to federal and state court judges, former big firm defense attorneys, a social worker, and nurse paralegal.  We have the depth of skills and well-rounded staff to serve your clients’ needs and deliver the results you are looking for. Geographically, we have offices in New York, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia.  We handle product liability cases nationwide and personal injury cases in Pennsylvania, West Virginia and Ohio.  Our typical referring counsel or co-counsel is an attorney who does general personal injury work but wants to partner with a firm that specializes in nationwide product liability litigation or partner with a strong personal injury firm located in Pennsylvania, West Virginia or eastern Ohio.  Our firm has successfully handled dozens of co-counsel and referral cases, recovering tens of millions of dollars for the referred clients and paying tens of millions of dollars in co-counsel/referral fees.

Types of Cases We Handle on Referral

Pharmaceutical and Medical Device Mass Torts

We handle pharmaceutical and medical device mass tort cases.  We have served as court-appointed co-lead and steering committee counsel for plaintiffs in various mass torts.  We are frequently on the cutting edge of the development of the science supporting product recalls and warning label changes.  And our case screening criteria is rooted in scientific literature and law so that we can closely evaluate the potential success of cases for our co-counsel. Often, we are working on projects that are under-the-radar screen because we watch for trends in injuries and are not afraid to pursue cases that the “herd” of other mass tort attorneys have not yet identified.  We have paid referral or co-counsel fees as high as a million dollars for a single case in a mass tort to other firms.  Needless to say, both our co-counsel and their clients were very pleased with the results.

Product Liability Litigation

We have successfully prosecuted product liability cases in numerous state and federal courts across the country against both manufacturers and retailers.  Often times, we have taken on cases for clients or referring counsel where the case was previously rejected by another law firm. We pride ourselves in overcoming venue and damages cap issues. We have also learned how to overcome manufacturer bankruptcies by pursuing often-overlooked and misunderstood retailer liability.  The types of product-related cases we have handled include, fuel gel, power saws, kids toys, backyard play equipment, defective metal, auto defects, pressure cookers, heavy equipment, drilling equipment, dump trucks, dairy equipment, garbage trucks, firepots, FDA approved cosmetics, wheelchairs, coffee machines, ATVs, and airbags.

Environmental Contamination

We also handle environmental contamination cases.  Currently, we represent Hoosick Falls and Petersburgh, NY residents who were exposed to PFOA (perfluorooctanoic acid).   PFOA is a man-made toxin that is persistent in the environment.  PFOA is used in many different products including fire-fighting foams, coating additives, and cleaning products.  Studies have concluded that exposure to PFOA places you at a higher risk of suffering from conditions such as testicular cancer, kidney cancer, thyroid disease, high cholesterol, ulcerative colitis and/or pregnancy-induced hypertension. We have filed lawsuits against the alleged polluters, Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics, Honeywell International, and Taconic Plastics who have contaminated the drinking water of these communities.  Unfortunately, due to the severity of the PFOA contamination, both Hoosick Falls and Petersburgh have been declared Super Fund sites.

Trucking, Worker Injury, and General Personal Injury in Pennsylvania, West Virginia and Eastern Ohio

Our Pittsburgh and West Virginia offices focus on traditional personal injury and worker injury litigation in the Ohio Valley in eastern Ohio, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia.  We handle everything from worker injury, product liability, auto crashes, trucking crashes, and premises liability cases in these states. We pride ourselves in navigating the nuances of each state’s personal injury laws.  Notably, states like West Virginia, for example, have exceptions to the workers’ compensation bar that permit employees to sue their employers under certain limited circumstances that are unique from other states.  In the past, we have successfully identified and brought claims for clients of co-counsel where the clients were unfortunately told by other attorneys that they did not have a case. If you are interested in working with our firm, please contact us today or call us directly at 1-888-480-1123.

Feedback from Referring Counsel

“We just received your letter and the referral check. Eric, congratulations on doing a super job with this [wrongful death case]. No lawyer or group could have done a more outstanding piece of legal work than was done here. You will be my first choice on new referrals that we come across! It’s been a pleasure to work with you and your firm!” – Bob H., Esq.