Class Action Lawsuits vs Mass Tort Lawsuits

Attorney Roopal Luhana Explains The Difference Between a Class Action Lawsuit and a Mass Tort Lawsuit

Class actions and mass torts are very different.

We primarily focus on mass tort and other personal injury cases.

Class Actions

A class action is where one person or a small group represent the interests of a much larger group. With a class action, only one lawsuit is filed and people are treated as numbers in a class.

A class is necessary where each person’s damages are so small that only by joining them together is it economically viable to pursue a case.

Mass Torts

A mass tort, on the other hand, involves a group of people who have similar injuries caused by the same product.

In a mass tort, unlike a class action, each person has their own individual lawsuit because their damages are sufficiently large and different from the damages others have suffered.

For example, in a mass tort lawsuit like we typically handle, you may have different damages based on your medical history, your medical expenses, your age, or the extent of your injuries. Those damages are also typically quite significant.

Importantly, you want to retain experienced mass tort attorneys like the attorneys at Chaffin Luhana.

Mass tort cases typically involve:

They’re very complex and the defendants are usually large companies with unlimited resources. Therefore, it’s imperative that you get the right attorneys with the right experience who typically handle these types of cases.

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