Baby Carrier Hip Dysplasia Lawsuit

Does Your Child Suffer From Hip Dysplasia? ​

As a parent of a toddler or older child that was recently diagnosed with developmental dysplasia of the hip, you might have concerns with the type of carrier or baby sling that was used with your child. Research has shown that infants that were swaddled using certain carriers are more likely to suffer hip injury.  An experienced attorney at Chaffin Luhana can help determine if you have a case against a baby carrier manufacturer. We are available to evaluate your situation and give guidance on what your next options may be. 

Does Swaddling Influence DDH?

Many parents use baby slings or carriers to swaddle their babies in an effort to comfort them. However, research has shown that keeping their hips extended in swaddling is a risk factor to develop hip dysplasia, and may be a larger risk factor than family history, gender, or breach delivery.

Frequently Asked Questions

A diagnosis of DDH means that the bones of the hip joint are not aligned correctly. In other words, it is a condition where the ball and joint of the hip does not properly form in babies and young children. It may affect one or both hips.

Yes! According to a study published in January 2008 by Drs. Susan T. Mahan, MD and James Kasser, MD, swaddling an infant to help curb crying and increase sleep “may influence the rate of developmental dysplasia of the hip (DDH)” because the infant hips are kept extended, which is not an optimal position for hip development. They continued to further state that “neonatal hips that initially had a normal physical examination have been shown after swaddling to produce a ‘hip click.”

Without treatment, DDH can lead to serious problems in early adulthood or sooner. These include:

Avascular Necrosis

Minor Laxity

Dislocation of the hips

Antalgic Gait

Shortened Stature

And other hip injuries

Although there are over 300 brands of baby slings and carriers on the market today, these are the 5 most common brand names that many new parents readily recognize: Chicco, Graco, Evenflo, Infantino, Baby Bjorn

Early diagnosis is extremely important to lessen the severity, and parents should consult with their child’s pediatrician if they suspect hip dysplasia.

Pavlik Sling

Hip Replacement Surgery

Periacetabular Osteotomy Surgery

Debridement Surgery

Prescription Painkillers

Prescription Footwear

Nerve Blockers

Radio Frequency Ablation

Closed Reduction Surgery

Hip Braces & Rhino Braces

And Other Treatments

Baby Carrier Manufacturers Lawsuits

Parents who purchased a Graco, Evenflo, Chicco, or other brand baby sling or infant carrier and their child has been diagnosed with hip dysplasia may be eligible to recover damages. 

Chaffin Luhana is currently accepting free evaluations and provides consultations to help parents determine whether they may have a case against Graco, Evenflo or other baby carrier manufacturers. To arrange a free case review, contact us online or call, (888) 480-1123.