DUI and Pittsburgh Truck Accidents: A Tragic Combination

DUI truck accidents are an all-too-common cause of serious injury in Pittsburgh. A recent tragic example involves a UPS truck driver striking three vehicles on Pittsburgh’s Route 28 Southbound near RIDC Park during rush-hour traffic on Friday, January 4, 2019. Three injured passengers were transported to Allegheny General Hospital, West Penn Hospital, and St. Margaret’s Hospital. Their identities and conditions have not been made public, nor has the identity of the 27-year-old truck driver. However, the suspect faces DUI charges after blood tests confirmed the presence of marijuana and alcohol. An open container was also found in the vehicle during the crash scene investigation.

Statistics for DUIs & Truck Accidents in Pittsburgh

Numbers only tell part of the story, but they indicate there are a troubling number of intoxicated drivers on Pittsburgh/Pennsylvania roads:

  • This summer, Pennsylvania state troopers said they investigated 14% more DUI-related crashes than in 2017.
  • In 2017, there were 364 DUI arrests and 139 DUI crashes in Pittsburgh alone, according to the Philly Voice.
  • Of the 7,262 heavy truck accidents in 2017, 48 drivers (0.7%) were driving impaired by drugs or alcohol.

Over a third of all alcohol-related traffic fatalities occurred in just seven of Pennsylvania’s counties, including Allegheny County. In 2017, Allegheny County led Pennsylvania with DUI-related fatalities with 22, followed by Philadelphia (17), Chester (15), and Bucks (14) counties.

What Causes Pittsburgh Truck Accidents?

Speeding and drinking are found to be the top factors in Pennsylvania vehicle crashes. According to recent data collected by the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation, more than 31,000 crashes (including 441 fatal) were speed-related and 9,143 (including 160 fatal) were caused by alcohol.

Other common causes of Pennsylvania crashes included:

  • Distracted driving (15,614)
  • Improper turns (14,004)
  • Proceeding without clearance (8,967)
  • Tailgating (6,800)
  • Illegal passing (4,793)
  • Drowsy driving (2,591)

With heavy trucks, many equipment-related failures are cited as primary causes, including:

  • Tire/wheels (102)
  • Brakes (70)
  • Power Train (24)
  • Trailer Loading (24)
  • Steering Failure (20)
  • Suspension (11)
  • Trailer Hitch (10)
  • Lighting (6)
  • Exhaust (3)

A national study by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration found that driver behavior and environmental conditions cause many truck crashes. Speeding and distraction/inattention were common truck driver causes of accidents. In some cases, truck drivers can be held liable for failure to take proper precautions driving in fog, rain, snow, or ice.

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