How Your Social Media Posts Could Hurt Your Claim

When you are involved in a personal injury accident lawsuit, there are many things that could influence your case that you may have not considered, and one of the largest influences could be social media.

Many individuals post their daily lives on the various platforms, and in many cases, pictures, posts, check-ins, and comments are deceptive and do not accurately depict true thoughts, feelings, and emotions going on behind the scenes.

For example, if social media is showing you thriving physically and emotionally while you are actually suffering from  injuries and damages sustained in a personal injury accident, this may have a negative impact on your claim.

Most people use social media to catch up with old friends, network, and post photos. Whether you’re posting an album of a trip you recently went on, a visit with family and friends, or even a photo of what you had for lunch that day, insurance companies will attempt to use it against you.

Even photos as innocent as hiking, a new pair of shoes, or going out to lunch with a friend can be used to discredit you. For example, if you were hurt in a car accident or slip-and-fall injury, an insurance company could use this photo in an attempt to diminish your injuries or need for financial compensation. They will likely say you are well enough to hike or have enough money to shop or dine out; therefore, your chronic pain, limited mobility, or financial hardship claim is fraudulent.

This is just one example of how social media could be used against you during your case. Therefore, we recommend a complete social media hiatus until after a settlement has been reached. It is also imperative to ask your close friends and family to refrain from posting photos with you/tagging you as well as posting or commenting about your accident in a public platform of any kind.

What If I Make My Social Media Accounts Private?

While in theory this may seem like an acceptable solution, it, unfortunately, is not. The defense will often be granted a court order that requires you to disclose your social media accounts and most recent posts.

Defendants will often try to discredit you and the extent of your injuries, so they will use everything in their power to obtain the evidence necessary to discredit your claim and avoid paying out the compensation you deserve.

What Social Media Platforms Pose the Greatest Risk to Your Case?

Most adults use some form of social media, but what sites pose the largest risk? The three largest social media platforms that could impact your case are Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Facebook has more than 1 billion users and is the most popular social media platform. This is where many people first go to post about the details of their accident, and it will likely be the first place insurance companies will check.

Instagram also poses a great risk with how many photos people are constantly sharing with their followers. It’s also the fastest-growing social channel and even the most innocent picture can lead to avoidable impediments with your case.

Twitter, another equally popular social media platform, provides users with one of the easiest ways to share thoughts and feelings with the world. One careless tweet can damage your case.

In short, stay off social media while you are in the midst of settling or pursuing your accident injury case. We understand it may be difficult, but in the long run it will pay off. If you need top-quality representation after your accident injury, contact Chaffin Luhana today for a free case review.