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PA Auto Insurance Guide

The Ultimate Guide to Avoiding Insurance Traps
and Navigating Auto Insurance in Pennsylvania

Think insurance companies are looking out for your best interests after you’re in an automobile accident?


That’s why we wrote the book on “everything you need to know” about navigating the complex world of automobile insurance options. Learn the common traps and pitfalls consumers typically fall for when dealing with insurance companies, as well as things you must know in the event you’re ever in an accident.

In short, all the things the insurance companies don’t want you to know!

Pennsylvania Car Insurance Guide

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Don't Take Our Word For It...

"If you’re a driver in Pennsylvania… this book is a must-have! It’s a quick read and will show you the things you NEED to know about car insurance!"

-Chelsea R.

"Why did I ever think my insurance company was looking out for me? This book really opened my eyes."

-Matthew P.

5 Ways Our Book Can Help You

1) Protect your family
We detail the types of coverage you should consider to ensure you and your family are prepared, as well as the types of insurance to avoid.

2) Don’t pay for unnecessary insurance
Insurance companies don’t mind charging you for insurance you don’t need. We will show you how to avoid falling into their traps to charge you more.

3) Dealing with insurance companies
We will show you how insurance companies may use your own information against you in an attempt to reduce your compensation.

4) Navigate Pennsylvania auto insurance like a boss
Limited Tort. Full Tort. Stacking. What do all these things mean? We break it all down for you.

5) Be prepared before an accident
We will detail all the steps to take immediately after an accident to ensure you’re protected in a potential claim.

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