Common Car Accident Injuries

Common Car Crash Injuries

Though an auto accident can cause a wide variety of injuries, below are some of those most commonly associated with car accident lawsuits:

  • Shoulder injuries: The impact of an accident can cause severe trauma to the shoulder joint, resulting in pain, stiffness, weakness, swelling, and difficulty moving the shoulder. This type of injury could involve a fracture, dislocation, or soft-tissue problem, such as a ligament tear.
  • Concussions: A blow to the head sustained in the accident can cause a concussion, which is a type of traumatic brain injury in which the blow caused the brain to move back and forth inside the skull. Symptoms can range from mild to serious.
  • Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBI): An injury to the brain caused by a violent blow or jolt, or by something penetrating the brain tissue. These can cause mild confusion, or may result in loss of consciousness and other more serious symptoms.
  • Spinal Cord Injuries: Damage occurs to part of the spinal cord or nerves along the spinal canal. The result can be loss of certain bodily functions or paralysis.
  • Burns: If one or more of the vehicles catches fire, those involved in the accident may suffer mild to severe burns.
  • Neurological Injuries: Any injury that affects the nervous system, which includes the brain and the central and autonomic nervous systems.
  • Broken Bones: Car accidents can cause all types of fractures, to arms, legs, hands, feet, and more.
  • Wrongful Death: A driver, passenger, or bystander is killed at the scene or dies thereafter as a result of the car crash.

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