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If you are seeking Pittsburgh work injury accident attorneys for third party work injury lawsuits, call Chaffin Luhana at (412)-345-8144. We offer free consultations and have a history of success with third party work injury lawsuits. Either through out-of-court settlement or jury verdict, we have recovered nearly $1 billion in compensation for injury victims. Many of the cases we have won have been for workers in the Pittsburgh who were not receiving fair compensation.

Each state has their own workers’ compensation system to provide benefits for injured workers or those who have become ill as a result of their job responsibilities. Additionally, if a worker dies while on the job, workers’ compensation is supposed to provide financial support for their grieving family. In exchange for getting these benefits, the worker gives up their legal right to file a claim against their employer. This system was designed with good intentions but throughout Pittsburgh, PA, third party work injury lawsuits are often necessary because the system is just not working.

Third party liability lawsuits can be complex but the Pittsburgh attorneys for third party work injury lawsuits at Chaffin Luhana know how to identify all parties responsible for worker injuries. In workplace injury lawsuits, a third party claim is one against anyone other than a fellow employee or the employer. Other people at a worksite, such as a sub-contractor or vehicle operator from a different company, may be liable for injuries. Government agencies, homeowners, property managers, an equipment manufacturer or other entity may have contributed to unsafe conditions at the workplace. The attorneys of Chaffin Luhana are highly skilled at identifying all sources of compensation for our injured clients.

Determining Third Party Liability

To determine liability, Chaffin Luhana will approach your case with the care and attention we bring to all of our cases. Your situation is unique and we will listen closely to your concerns and your goals. Only then will we create a tailor-made legal approach for your circumstances. In many third party work injury lawsuits, we will also follow these steps:

  • Gather as much detail from you in a free initial consultation about the work injury, illness or death of your family member.
  • If we determine your case has merit, we will launch a thorough investigation.
  • With the assistance of accident-scene investigators, industry-specific engineers, medical experts and other resources, we will study every facet of your case and collect essential reports, interview witnesses, and gather evidence allowing us to make a strong legal argument for you.
  • We will hold accountable all parties who may have contributed to an unsafe workplace.
  • We will demand fair compensation through out-of-court settlement but we will plan to take responsible parties to court.

Regardless of the resources we invest into your third party work injury lawsuit, we will collect nothing unless we win your case. Because of this, you can have peace of mind: if we represent you, we are confident we can win. Pittsburgh work injury attorneys for third party work injury lawsuits at Chaffin Luhana are available now for free and candid consultations. Contact us today to discuss your case.

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