Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Attorneys

Our attorneys offer free consultations and we only charge if we win your case. Our Pennsylvania workers’ compensation attorneys offer legal representation to injured workers throughout Pennsylvania and the entire Ohio Valley. In addition to Pennsylvania, our law firm has offices in New York and West Virginia to serve our clients. In each state, we have attorneys, investigators and specialists who know the local workers’ compensation system. If you need justice and financial support after an injury at work and the state’s compensation system is not working for you, contact us now for a free online consultation:

  • We provide thorough case evaluations at no charge
  • Our attorneys have decades of experience in personal injury and workplace injury law
  • Our law firm has resources to represent clients throughout Pennsylvania from any industry
  • We are particularly skilled at fighting Pennsylvania workers’ compensation claims that have been denied. Contact us especially if you need to file an appeal.

Our Pennsylvania workers’ compensation attorneys have the experience and the resources to fight on your behalf after a workplace injury in Pennsylvania. But do not wait to contact us: the Pennsylvania workers’ compensation system has strict guidelines regarding when a claim must be filed when paperwork must be submitted, and when an appeal for a denied claim must be requested.

Do Not Hesitate to Contact a Pennsylvania Workers’ Rights Attorney

If you have been injured or become ill at work or as a result of your work responsibilities, report your condition to your supervisor. They should file a report immediately so that the workers’ compensation process can begin. Even if you are unsure if your condition will require medical attention, a report will work to your benefit in the long run if your condition worsens. Additionally, getting the support you need from the Pennsylvania workers’ compensation system can take time. Take action immediately. Any hesitation may lead to a delay in receiving benefits.

Your employer should assist you with your claim for Pennsylvania workers’ compensation. If you feel intimidated or fear that you will be fired for reporting your condition, your employer may be breaking the law and you may be able to file a lawsuit. Chaffin Luhana can assist you with this process which may lead to a whistleblower lawsuit or other legal claim.

If your work injury claim for compensation does proceed through the system but your claim for benefits is denied, you have options to file an appeal. But you must act quickly. If you do not file an appeal by the deadline—typically 20 days after the claim was denied—you may lose the option to appeal. Many first-time claims are denied for Pennsylvania workers’ compensation.

Attorneys are not required to assist you. But our attorneys are familiar with the bureaucracy, the legal process and the paperwork necessary to file a Pennsylvania workers’ compensation appeal. Our legal assistance will dramatically increase the chances for success in your case. We can help you at any step of the process.

Contact us as soon as possible after a workplace injury and we can offer advice and insight along with legal representation. To have Pennsylvania workers’ compensation attorneys on your side, reach out to Chaffin Luhana now.