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Staci Aria

First Contact Manager

Staci Aria is the First Contact Manager with the firm’s Pittsburgh and West Virginia Offices.

Staci began her career as a paralegal with an escrow and probate attorney in Ohio during which she assisted clients with various probate and civil court matters. More recently, before joining the Chaffin Luhana team, Staci worked as a 911 dispatcher and court clerk with a municipality in Ohio. As a 911 dispatcher, Staci gained invaluable experience in helping with emergencies. Staci’s experience as a 911 dispatcher has proven to be valuable in her role at Chaffin Luhana, where she focuses on walking our clients through the initial stages of their legal cases and troubleshooting the various issues that our clients face when they are injured in accidents.

Outside of the office, Staci is working on an associate’s degree in Applied Science in Health and Human Services with a minor in Drug and Alcohol Addiction and Crisis Intervention at Stark State College. For years, she has also volunteered to prepare and serve meals to the elderly and to care for mentally and physically challenged adolescent kids. In addition to volunteering in her spare time, Staci also enjoys spending time with her family, gardening and watching her two daughters play sports.

Staci’s 2015 Chaffin Luhana Foundation Charity donation was to the Minerva Cops for Kids. Staci said she worked for that department for 8 years and helped organize and distribute the various items collected to families. She said she will never forget the look of relief and gratitude on their faces. This cause continues to be very dear to Staci’s heart, as she grew up in that community.

For 2017, Staci nominated the Satchels of Caring Foundation, a nonprofit which creates and distribute hand-sewn satchels filled with therapeutic items to support cancer patients. With this donation, the organization can continue providing care satchels to cancer patients throughout Western Pennsylvania.

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