What Happens if a Hernia Mesh Fails?

According to the FDA, more than 1 million hernia repairs are performed each year in the U.S.  While there are many ways to treat this, one of the most common ways is with a mesh implant, which helps to reduce the rate of recurrence.


A hernia mesh implant is a medical device implanted into the upper stomach, abdomen, or groin that is used to support weakened or damaged tissue and close openings in the muscle.

In addition to reducing recurrence rates, the use of surgical mesh can also help to improve patient outcomes, reduce operation time and minimize time for recovery.


However, nearly one-third of these surgeries may result in complications, either immediately after surgery or months to even years later.  If this has happened to you or a loved one, at Chaffin Luhana we work closely with scientific experts, doctors and others to build your case— because our core value is “Doing Good by Doing Right.”


If you or a loved one has had a mesh implant, knowing these warning signs can help you act quickly in the event of a complication.


The following symptoms can be associated with complications:


  • Pain is the most common– and sometimes the only– sign that something is wrong. Chronic abdominal pain may immediately show up, or it can take years after surgery. If you notice any pain or bruising, swelling or skin rashes near the site, you should consult a doctor for further inspection.


  • All surgical operations pose some risk of infection, or inflammation of the incision. However, a hernia mesh implant can cause chronic infection. Symptoms of an infection are like those of the flu, including nausea, vomiting, persistent fever, or chills. An underlying infection can even generate heat at the incision site.


  • Scar tissue can form around the mesh, joining and adhering to the implant and the surrounding organs and tissue. This adhesion can develop over time and can restrict blood flow and create bowel obstructions or chronic pain.


  • A fistula formation is typically a late occurring complication of the mesh repair resulting in erosion of the intestines by the mesh.


These complications can be the result of defective products or medical malpractice and are increasingly more common in legal settings. Lawsuits filed due to hernia mesh implants could be considered as a personal injury or product liability.


You may be entitled to seek compensation for damages. These could be related to:


  • Costs from initial surgery or related revisionary surgery due to complications;
  • Lost wages due to time off for surgical procedures;
  • Pain and suffering – whether physical, emotional, or mental


Contact our experienced personal injury lawyers of Chaffin Luhana, and we can help you understand the options associated with a hernia mesh lawsuit. We can also help you decide on the appropriate next steps for you and your family.


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