Automobile Accidents

The Adjuster’s Calling…What Do You Say?

If you were injured in an accident, whether it be a car accident or other type of accident, it’s common for the insurance adjuster to call you with questions. You’d think that you could simply talk to this person without worry, but it’s important to remember that the adjuster is not on your side. His… read more

After an Accident, Are Your Injuries Severe Enough to Pursue a Lawsuit?

The first thing most of us do after a car accident is check ourselves and our passengers for injuries. If you’re lucky, you’ll have only minor cuts and scrapes, and you’ll be able to walk away from the wreck with relative ease. Other times, however, you or someone in your vehicle may have suffered a… read more

Don’t Make These 4 Car Accident Mistakes

You just got into a car accident. You’re shaky and stressed. You blink, look around, and realize with relief that you seem to be okay, except your neck hurts a little bit. What do you do next? Be careful, as your choices could affect your ability to secure compensation should you decide to file a… read more

What Do I Do About My Spouse’s Accident Medical Bills?

Your husband was in a serious car accident recently. It wasn’t his fault—he was hit by a drunk driver. He had to go through surgery, and for a while, you weren’t sure he was going to make it. Now, it looks like he’s going to be okay, but meanwhile, you’ve got bills piling up. How… read more

When Pedestrians Are Injured in a Car Accident

In 2017, nearly 6,000 pedestrians were killed in traffic accidents, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). That equates to about one death every 88 minutes. In addition, an estimated 137,000 pedestrians were treated in emergency departments for non-fatal crash-related injuries. If you were injured as a pedestrian in a car… read more

5 Ways to Prove the Other Driver Was At Fault

Let’s say you were unfortunate enough to get into a car accident. The other driver went through a red light and plowed into you. It was completely his fault, and now you’re seriously injured and have to pay medical expenses while being unable to work. It seems obvious to you that you deserve compensation. It… read more

The 5 Most Common Summertime Accidents and How to Avoid Them

The summer months are an enjoyable time for most people. The warm weather encourages more activities outside, including biking, playing sports, boating, hiking, and more. As we get out and have fun, however, we have to be careful, as summertime is also a time of more accidents. According to the National Safety Council (NSC), drowning… read more

When the Insurance Company Fails You, Take These 4 Steps to Sue

After a car accident, you’re likely to feel shaken up and stressed, and you may be dealing with serious injuries requiring medical treatment. It can be a difficult time in which you’re not sure what steps to take. Hopefully, the damage will be minimal and you’ll be able to manage everything through your insurance company…. read more

What Should I Do If an Insurance Company Contacts Me to Settle?

No one plans to be in a car accident. Knowing what to do after an accident isn’t something you typically know – until you need to.  Given this, understanding what not to do is often a challenge. In fact, one of the biggest misnomers people make when dealing with a personal injury claim is working… read more

5 Things an Insurance Adjuster Won’t Tell You

After a car crash, or any other type of motor vehicle accident, victims will often be working with their insurance companies to cover the damages and medical expenses incurred from the incident. However, it is important to understand that insurance companies do not always have the victim’s best interest in mind. So, if you have… read more