We work on a contingency fee basis in almost all of our cases. The only exception is in individual securities actions, where we typically handle the cases on a fixed fee basis. Thus, in most instances, we only recover our fees and costs, if we’re able to recover for you. If we are not successful, you will owe us nothing. If we are successful, we recover our attorneys’ fees (typically between 33.33% and 40% depending on the particular case) and our costs from the recovery. We also recover our costs, which we try to keep at a minimum for our clients.

Yes, every state has what is called a statute of limitations. You have a certain limited amount of time to file your case and every state is different. Also, when the statute of limitations begins to run varies by state. For some states, the clock starts running on a potential claim from when the consumer suffered the injury. In other states, the clock starts running when the consumer reasonably discovers the connection between his or her injury and the potential cause. Still, in other states, it is dramatically different.

In short, you must not wait to pursue your legal claim and if you do, your claim could be time-barred and the defendants will move to dismiss your case. Please call our attorneys to discuss the facts and applicable statute of limitations for your potential case because each state’s laws and the facts of each case are unique and determine when you must file.

Absolutely not! You should seek immediate treatment and follow your doctor’s instructions. Your health and proper treatment are the most important things for you to focus on after an injury. Along with that, providing us with copies of your medical bills will typically increase what we can get you in a settlement.

Yes, we do. We consider ourselves a national law firm that represents plaintiffs in mass tort, securities and whistleblower cases in federal and state courts across the country. We have attorneys admitted to the full time practice of law in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and West Virginia and we are regularly admitted to practice on individual matters in other courts and, if necessary, we engage local counsel at our own expense to comply with state ethical rules. In short, our clients live all over the country. No matter where you reside, we can help you with your case.

A class action lawsuit is a type of lawsuit where one person or multiple people, class representative(s), bring(s) a lawsuit and represent(s) the claims of all other individuals who are similarly situated to the class representative(s). Often times, people injured by a dangerous drug, dangerous medical device, consumer product or an individual shareholder in a corporation mistakenly thinks that the cases we handle are class actions. While we have extensive experience handling class action lawsuits, the dangerous drug, medical device, securities and whistleblower cases we handle typically are individual actions and not class actions. That is, liability and damages are proven on an individual basis and the damages awarded to our clients are awarded to them individually based on their unique circumstances.

A mass tort lawsuit is a civil action where many individuals, referred to as plaintiffs, allege that they have been wronged in similar ways by one or multiple defendants, who are the parties the plaintiffs are suing. A mass tort is different from a typical medical malpractice claim because, for example, a mass tort involves many plaintiffs while a malpractice claim involves only a single plaintiff. A mass tort is similar to a malpractice case in that the individual plaintiffs typically allege that the defendants engaged in a common course of conduct that injured them (e.g., the defendants failed to warn that its product could cause a heart attack). Importantly, a mass tort results in many individual actions being filed against the defendants whereas a class action only requires one individual to file a lawsuit on behalf of other individuals similarly situated.

A multidistrict litigation (“MDL”) is a federal tool that allows cases filed around the country with similar claims against similar defendants to be transferred, consolidated and coordinated before one court and one judge for pre-trial purposes. Chaffin Luhana’s attorneys are leaders in various MDLs.

A mass tort program (“MTP”) is a state tool that allows cases in certain states, such as New Jersey and Pennsylvania, which are the homes of various pharmaceutical companies, to be transferred, consolidated and coordinated before one judge for pre-trial purposes in that particular state. Chaffin Luhana’s attorneys are leaders in MTPs in Philadelphia and New Jersey.

We pride ourselves in providing clients with high quality and experienced representation designed to achieve the clients’ specific goals and needs. You can read more about the Firm and its attorneys, some of our court appointments, what our clients say about us and some of the results we have achieved for our clients throughout this website. If you have more questions after reading about our firm, call us toll-free at 1-888-480-1123.

When you suffer from an injury and don’t know what the cause is, the first thing you should do is speak with your doctor to see if it could be due to a drug you were taking, or product you were exposed to. A great resource is the FDA website. Review the FDA website to read about the latest information on health advisory’s, increased warnings, or any recalls on drugs or devices out there. By visiting our website, you can also find a wealth of information and reach out to us. We’ll work with you to get to the bottom of what caused your injury.


If you’re injured on the job, first report it to your employer and then contact an attorney. You have multiple actions you can take in a court, such as workers compensation, or there may even be a third party involved that may have liability that an attorney can help walk you through. We will help you navigate the issues and dive deep into them to determine if there’s liability to help right these injuries you have. We’ll make sure you get the financial recovery to make up for your lost time.

Mass Torts are a national matter and involve complex issues. A local attorney won’t be exposed to them. You want a firm that has come across these issues before and knows how to navigate them in order to get you the recovery you need. Having a law firm and group of attorneys used to handling these complex cases is critically important. We have the expertise and proven track record in going up against these big companies.