Legal Questions

What is a Class I Recall Anyway?

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is responsible for overseeing the safety of prescription and over-the-counter drugs and medical devices. When they receive information about a potential defect in these products, or when a manufacturer recalls one, the FDA may make a recall announcement about that product to alert doctors and patients to the… read more

Questions to Ask Your Personal Injury Attorney During Your Free Consultation

You’ve been injured, and you think you need to talk to a personal injury attorney. You know they offer a free consultation. But what does that mean, exactly, and what questions can you ask during that initial call? What is a Free Consultation? Most attorneys offer an initial free consultation. The attorney will listen to… read more

What’s the Difference Between a Personal Injury Claim and Lawsuit?

You were hit by a drunk driver. You ended up in the hospital with a broken leg and whiplash. The other driver was plainly at fault, and the police report supports that assertion. You deserve compensation for the injuries you sustained in the accident, but you’re confused. Do you pursue a personal injury claim or… read more

5 Mistakes that Can Cause You to Lose Your Personal Injury Lawsuit

Personal injury law is complicated. It would be nice if you could simply explain what happened, layout your expenses, and receive compensation, but it rarely works that way. Obviously, you want to win your case. To do that, be sure to avoid these five mistakes. 1. Failing to Hire an Attorney This is by far… read more

How to Recover Lost Wages if You’re Self-Employed

If you are injured in an accident and you can’t work for a certain period of time, you may be able to recover your lost wages in a personal injury lawsuit. You’ll have to prove another party was negligent in your accident, and that your injuries prevented you from working. Then you will have to… read more

After an Accident, Are Your Injuries Severe Enough to Pursue a Lawsuit?

The first thing most of us do after a car accident is check ourselves and our passengers for injuries. If you’re lucky, you’ll have only minor cuts and scrapes, and you’ll be able to walk away from the wreck with relative ease. Other times, however, you or someone in your vehicle may have suffered a… read more

5 Questions and Answers About Coronavirus and Workers’ Rights

The coronavirus has created numerous complications in the workplace that may have some employees confused. How can you keep the rent paid while keeping yourself and your family safe? Below we answer some of the most common questions that come up about workers’ rights during these unusual times. 1. What If I Get COVID-19? If… read more

When the Nursing Home is Liable for a Fall Injury

Your grandfather has been living in a nursing home for over six months. Last weekend, he slipped, fell, and broke his hip. You’re understandably angry and upset. Can you sue the nursing home for this unexpected injury? Nursing Homes Held to a Higher Standard of Care It’s not uncommon for an elderly person to slip… read more

What is a Wrongful Death Lawsuit and Who Can File?

Losing a loved one is hard enough in itself. It can be even more traumatic if that person’s death was caused by someone else’s negligence. A wrongful death lawsuit allows a deceased individual’s family and/or estate to pursue compensation from the negligent party. A verdict for the plaintiff(s) can help the family manage expenses related… read more

When a Car Accident Occurs with a Driver ‘On the Job’—Who’s Liable?

A typical car accident involves two drivers driving their own vehicles for their own purposes. Sometimes, though, one of the vehicles is driven by an employee whose job it is to drive for the company that hired him/her. In that case, is the employee or the employer liable for damages? In Most Cases, the Employer… read more