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Flying is one of the safest forms of transportation; the chances of being in a fatal air crash in the U.S. is about one in eight million in domestic flights and one in five million in international flights. But, because of the nature of airplane accidents, when they do occur, the outcome is devastating.

If you or someone you love is involved in a serious plane accident, the Pittsburgh personal injury lawyers at Chaffin Luhana can help you. We represent individuals and families throughout the Ohio Valley in West Virginia, Western Pennsylvania and Eastern Ohio and we handle product liability cases and airplane crash cases nationwide.

Commercial and Private Airplane Accidents

The safest way to fly is on a commercial airliner and the most unsafe way to fly is on a private plane. In between are flying on scheduled commuter airlines and flying on commuter planes such as air taxis on demand. Reports indicate the following when comparing fatalities per million flight hours:

  • 4.03 for commercial airlines
  • 10.74 for scheduled commuter airlines
  • 12.24 for nonscheduled flights such as air taxis on demand
  • 22.43 for private planes

According to reports, the crash rate has climbed 20 percent since 2000 on private-pilot flights, but has fallen about 85 percent on commercial jetliners.

15 Causes of Pittsburgh Airplane Accidents

Airplanes may crash for a number of reasons, including:

  1. Engine failures
  2. Mid-air collisions
  3. Pilot error
  4. Negligent maintenance
  5. Air traffic control errors
  6. Defective onboard computers or software
  7. Fuel tank explosions
  8. Loss of control (caused either by the plane or by the crew)
  9. Ice, snow, or other types of bad weather conditions
  10. Manufacturing defects
  11. Equipment failure
  12. Structural or design problems
  13. Bird strikes
  14. Loss of power
  15. Overloading the plane

Airport Accidents and Negligence

Negligence by people at many levels can result in airplane accidents. Negligent parties can include the plane’s owners, its designers, its manufacturer, maintenance workers, air traffic controllers and the pilot. A crash may be the result of a combination of negligent factors. For example, if a maintenance worker makes a mistake and the pilot does not catch it when going down the check list, at least two people may be responsible for a crash.

Defective Equipment

All it takes is for one piece of equipment to be faulty for a plane to go down. Defective equipment, which can result in plane crashes, might be due to errors in the following:

  • Design
  • Manufacturing
  • Maintenance

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