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If you are seeking lawyers for oil and gas worker injuries in the Ohio Valley, contact Chaffin Luhana for a free and confidential consultation. Our Pittsburgh personal injury attorneys are on the side of injured workers and their families. When oil and gas corporations refuse to do what is right after a work injury or if a work-related illness or a death occurs on the job, you may need our legal assistance to fight back.
Over the last several years we have recovered approximately $1 billion in compensation for our injured clients. We may be able to recover compensation for you. If we take your case, you have nothing to lose: we only collect a fee if we win for you.

Large energy companies have made trillions of dollars through oil and gas extraction, refining, and distribution. Much of that profit has been made from the effort of hard-working people throughout West Virginia, Pennsylvania, and Ohio. When one of those people is injured on the job in the oil or gas industries, justice must be served. Whether through workers’ compensation or with the support of their employer, oil and gas workers deserve to be compensated if they have suffered an injury while on the job.

No matter what position you or your loved one holds in the oil or gas industry—machine operator, engineer, derrick hand, welder, truck driver, or any other job—the lawyers for oil and gas worker injuries at Chaffin Luhana have the experience and resources to stand up for you.

If you have been injured on the job in the oil or gas industry, call Chaffin Luhana at (412)-345-8144.

Energy Companies and Their Insurers may Resist Paying

They may blame the injured employee. They may say the injuries were not caused by work-related responsibilities or they may offer a compensation amount far below what is fair. If you have been injured or your loved one was killed while working in the energy industry, you deserve maximum compensation.

Chaffin Luhana have been extremely successful in obtaining maximum compensation for injury victims throughout the Ohio Valley. We know the tactics that insurance companies and corporate lawyers will use to resist paying on injury or wrongful death claims. Their priority is profit and protection of their corporate interests. You should have attorneys on your side whose priority is your best interests.

If we represent you in an oil and gas injury lawsuit, we will launch an intensive investigation into the circumstances surrounding your medical and legal challenges. Our attorneys will call upon oil and gas industry experts, medical investigators, engineers and any other specialists necessary to help us determine the cause of your medical challenges. To hold all parties responsible, we may be able to show that multiple factors contributed to the injuries involved.

For instance, an industrial equipment manufacturer may have released an unsafe product, a supervisor for an energy company may not have been properly vetted or unsafe conditions at a work site may have been allowed to persist for many years. By holding all parties and all companies accountable, we may be able to maximize the amount of compensation you can receive. Our lawyers for oil and gas worker injuries may also be able to encourage these corporations to put safety before profit so more individuals and families do not have to suffer.

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