Premises Liability

Be Aware of the Potential for Lead Poisoning in Rental and Low-Income Housing

According to a recent report from Pure Earth and Unicef entitled, “The Toxic Truth: Children’s Exposure to Lead Pollution Undermines a Generation of Future Potential,” about one in three children—up to 800 million globally—have blood lead levels at or above the “safe” limit of 5 micrograms per deciliter. Meanwhile, according to a study by Case… read more

I Fell on Private Property—Who’s Liable?

You know that if you walk into your local grocery store and slip on a tile floor covered in water, you may be able to sue that grocery store owner for negligence. But what if you are invited to a neighborhood party and as you walk up the rickety steps to the deck, one of… read more

Do I Have a Premise Liability Case?

Imagine you’re walking up the stairs to your apartment and the railing on the stairs gives way, causing you to fall and break your arm. Or you’re delivering a large item to a high-rise office building and the door on the freight elevator comes crashing down, injuring your neck and spine. In each of these… read more

The 5 Most Common Summertime Accidents and How to Avoid Them

The summer months are an enjoyable time for most people. The warm weather encourages more activities outside, including biking, playing sports, boating, hiking, and more. As we get out and have fun, however, we have to be careful, as summertime is also a time of more accidents. According to the National Safety Council (NSC), drowning… read more

How to Handle an Injury When You’re on Vacation

It is summertime, school is out, and many people are taking trips and vacations with their friends and family. And while we hope you never have to experience an unfortunate incident or accident while on vacation, injuries and accidents do happen, so it is important to be prepared and know what steps to take. Handling… read more

Pittsburgh Slip and Fall Injury Risks Increase with Snow and Ice

Slip and fall accidents escalate during the winter months, as ice, snow, and sleet create hazards for Pittsburg residents. It’s not only motorists who face perilous conditions during their daily commute; pedestrians are forced to navigate icy sidewalks, parking lots, and entryways where melting snow poses risk for a traumatic fall-related injury. ‘ Every year,… read more