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Alex Venezia

Case Specialist

Alex Venezia is a Case Specialist in the firm’s Pittsburgh and West Virginia offices.

Prior to joining Chaffin Luhana, Alex attended Allegheny College where he earned his Bachelor of Science. While at Allegheny College, Alex was deeply involved in the college community, where he worked in the Allegheny College Admissions Office as an interviewer helping families navigate the college admissions process.

As an Intake Specialist, Alex applies the compassionate communication skills he developed in his previous role at the Allegheny College Admissions Office. He guides clients during the early phase of their case and provides support during their difficult time.

Alex is an avid outdoorsman outside of the office and enjoys hunting, hiking, and fishing whenever he can. He also participates in various environmental charities.

Alex’s 2019 Chaffin Luhana Foundation charity donation was to the Wounded Warrior Project. His contribution will help fund the organization’s programs that empower veterans on their journey to recovery. With a community of alumni, veterans are offered programs focused on their individual needs ranging from mental wellness guidance, independence programs, physical wellness, and career counseling.

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