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Misty Kirbaugh

Receptionist + Administrative Assistant

Misty Kirbaugh is the Receptionist + Administrative Assistant for the firm’s Pittsburgh and West Virginia offices.

Like all of our staff, Misty strives for exceptional service for our clients. She graduated from Youngstown State University with a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice. Before joining Chaffin Luhana, Misty worked for a national mortgage company in the mortgage and title industry where she gained valuable experience in effectively supporting a team and clients.

Misty grew up in the Ohio Valley and prior to relocating back here recently, she lived in North Carolina, where she volunteered with exotic animals at a North Carolina rescue shelter, where she was a tour guide, project coordinator, and helped socialize large animals such as lions and tigers that lived in deplorable conditions before being rescued by the shelter Misty now volunteers at local animal shelters in the Ohio Valley, where she works with smaller and more cuddly animals.

Misty’s 2018 and 2019 Chaffin Luhana Foundation charity donation was to the Fellowship in Serving Humanity (F.I.S.H.). Her contribution will help F.I.S.H. distribute food to those in need of all ages and backgrounds with the help of its volunteers.

In 2020, Misty’s Chaffin Luhana Foundation Charity donations were to Auberle Foster Care in Pittsburgh. She notes, “This an organization that is truly trying to help the children and families in our Pittsburgh community. There are so many children and teenagers that have had unfortunate circumstances happen in their home life and need to have a family that will help them along their journey into adulthood through a better childhood. I’ve been planning to Foster children in my future and this group has been an inspiration to me.”

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