3 Common Questions About Car Accidents

Auto Accident Attorney Eric Chaffin Discusses Legal Elements of a Car Wreck Case

Most of the time after an auto accident, you need a lawyer. The other side has an insurance adjuster whose purpose is to minimize how much they pay you for your claim and maximize the profits from the insurance company.

In my law firm, we understand the laws. We understand what you’re entitled to recover. We make sure that the insurance company doesn’t get off cheap. But, instead, we get you the full recovery that you deserve for all of the injuries that you’ve suffered from your accident.

Should You Accept The Insurance Company’s Initial Offer?

Oftentimes, clients come to us, and they say, “Well, the insurance company has already made an offer.

There’s a reason why the adjusters make an offer to you and try to get you to settle before you engage an attorney, because they know that engaging an attorney, someone who knows the law, knows what you’re entitled to, is going to drive up the value of the case and how much they have to pay you.

They don’t want to do that, of course. The reason they don’t is because their job is not to give you what you’re due, what’s just, their job is to maximize their profits, not to give you what you deserve.

What to Expect From Our Accident Attorneys

When you meet with an attorney from my law firm, you can expect to meet with a compassionate, sincere person who will get to know you individually, understand your case, and make sure to be able to develop each aspect of the case from the liability, to each nuance in the damages.

You can expect that our attorneys will focus on the legal case so that you can focus on your family and your medical recovery.

Distracted Driving: An Increasing Problem

Most of the time with auto accidents, we see some type of road violation, whether it’s a road traffic sign, a speed limit, any number of things.

Unfortunately, these days, the most common thing that we see is distracted driving. People distracted by whether it’s the radio, text messages, cellphone calls, whatever it might be.

Fortunately, there’s more and more awareness about the issue and the hazards of it, the dangers of it, but it’s certainly by far the most prevalent thing we see causing auto accidents today.

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