5 Things that Can Hurt the Value of Your Personal Injury Case

There are many factors that can hurt the value of a personal injury claim, and individuals should be aware of these factors before they negatively influence their case.

Our professional and experienced attorneys have compiled a list of some of the negative influences that are important to take into consideration after being involved in a personal injury accident.

Keep reading below to learn about the top five factors that could greatly impact your personal injury case in a negative way and how to avoid them.

  1. Waiting to File a Claim: First and foremost, waiting to file a claim after an accident could be one of the most detrimental aspects when it comes to the value of your personal injury case. There is a limited window of opportunity in which accident injury victims can file a lawsuit, so if you have recently been involved in a collision you should start the claim process immediately. This will help ensure that your injuries, medical bills, damages, and pain and suffering are covered.
  1. Speaking with the Insurance Company: Always consult a professional personal injury attorney prior to speaking with the insurance company who will provide oversight and guidance during these types of conversations.
  1. Neglecting to Retain a Personal Injury Attorney: It is important to trust the experts after an accident. An experienced personal injury lawyer can help protect you after an accident. The right attorney will do everything in their power to win your case and get you the largest settlement possible because they only get paid when they successfully win your case.
  1. Declining Medical Attention: Neglecting to be seen by a doctor to evaluate the extent of your injuries can be a huge mistake. Some injuries will not appear for days or weeks after the incident, so it is important to be immediately checked out by a physician, follow their orders, and maintain an on-going appointment schedule. All of these factors will greatly contribute to the outcome of your case.
  1. Posting on Social Media: Posting the details of your accident, your resulting injuries, and other updates in your daily life will help the insurance company poke holes in your case. Insurance companies can use these posts to prove you are not injured or suffering, even if you are. While we know everything online is not always like it seems, it can still be used against you.

If you have recently been involved in a car accident or any other type of personal injury accident, our attorneys at Chaffin Luhana can help protect your legal rights. Call today for a free case review.