What Should I Expect Physically After a Car Accident?

Auto accidents can cause a wide range of injuries, from painful bruises to severe burns, broken bones, and concussions. Paying for the care you need is easier when you have a Pittsburgh personal injury lawyer in your corner.

Otherwise, you may find yourself overwhelmed by medical bills and lost income.

What the human body goes through during a typical car wreck

Seat belts and airbags can only do so much to soften the jarring impact of a crash. The consequences will always be unpleasant and can often include:

  • Painful soft tissue damage: Not just severe bruising but swelling, torn muscles, and skin lacerations as well. These types of wounds can leave disfiguring scars or discolorations.
  • Ruptured internal organs: Imagine your heart, lungs, kidneys being thrust forward at 60 miles per hour, and smashing against the bones in your body. That’s what can happen during a highway collision.
  • Fractured ribs: The rib cage is a natural fortress. Its purpose is to protect the organs in your chest cavity. But human bone is no match for the hard steel that comprises much of your car’s construction. Ribs can crack, fracture, or snap in two during an auto accident.
  • Traumatic brain injury: Scientists call the human brain “the three-pound universe.” It holds the key to everything we are and hope to be. But it’s remarkably fragile. Auto collision victims can suffer from concussions, seizures, comas, and cognitive impairments that impact their ability to speak, express themselves, or perform basic tasks.

Not all auto accidents result in serious injuries, of course. But why take a chance where your health is concerned? See a medical professional as soon as possible.

Prompt treatment offers the best chance of preventing serious consequences.

Paying for the care you need

We need not tell you that medical care is expensive, especially in emergencies like the first few hours after an accident.

Yet your financial resources may not be enough to cover the bills, let alone compensate you for the income you’ll lose while you’re unable to work.

For the most part, insurance companies are in business to make money, not to care for accident victims. You may find yourself without the compensation you deserve unless you enlist the help of a Pittsburgh car accident lawyer. Here’s how they can help:

  • By giving you much-needed peace of mind: Putting your life back together after an auto accident is tough enough without bill collectors calling every day. Having an attorney on your side can make these people back off and allow you to focus on your recovery.
  • By demanding a fair deal from insurers and at-fault parties: Some people go through life taking less than they deserve. Hiring an attorney to protect your interests lets everyone know that this time you’re serious about getting what’s rightfully yours.
  • By being there when you need someone: At Chaffin Luhana, we make sure that a member of our staff is available 24/7. You’ll never have trouble getting in touch with us.

Our attorneys here have recovered more than $1 billion for their clients over the years. A track record like that speaks for itself. Contact us today to set up your free consultation. We can put you on the path to a better future.