What Information Do I Need After a Car Accident?

First things first; your initial steps should be to assist any injured persons and to call emergency responders. After this, you should exchange insurance information with the other party.

Remember to make notes and take pictures of the accident scene as well. Keep copies of any medical bills or doctor diagnoses you receive during your post-accident course of treatment. This documentation will come in handy later, should you need the help of a Pittsburgh car accident attorney.

Details are everything when it comes to receiving compensation

TV and motion pictures would have us believe that attorneys are rhetorical wizards, who can spin wild tales out of sparse information and collect millions of dollars for their efforts.

While this may make for good drama, it’s nothing like the real world. Legal decisions are made based on facts, not flourish. Neither a judge nor a jury will grant compensation unless Pittsburgh car accident lawyers can prove their case.

But, to do the job, your attorney needs your help. This means gathering as much information as possible about the accident and its effects on your health and wellbeing.

Here are the key pieces of evidence you’ll need to collect:

  • The other party’s insurance information: Including the name and phone number of the company. You should also try to learn the type of policy the other party carries, including its coverage limits.
  • As many details about the accident as possible: Including its location, the weather at the time of the crash, nearby street names, and the contact information for any witnesses. You should also take pictures and make videos if possible.
  • The police accident report: A law enforcement officer’s testimony adds an important level of objectivity to the documentation. The officer who responds to the crash can advise you on when and how to get a copy of the report.
  • Follow-up medical care: Including the name of the hospital or clinic, the procedures performed, the names of the doctor and/or other healthcare providers, and any medications prescribed.

Why talking to Pittsburgh car accident lawyers is always a good idea

The period of time immediately following an auto accident is always stressful. Not only are you dealing with physical discomfort, you must also attend to your family, personal, and work-related responsibilities.

At such a stressful time, it may seem smart to put off talking to an attorney. Almost always, however, this is a bad idea. Here’s why:

  • Evidence goes stale, and witnesses forget things: Proving your case takes a solid foundation of physical evidence and personal testimony. But time has a way of erasing the effects of an accident, both from witnesses’ minds and from the environment. A delay of even a few days can have disastrous results.
  • Insurance companies count on you putting the decision off: The longer you wait to seek legal help, the more likely you are to accept a token settlement. That’s good news for rich insurance companies, bad news for you.
  • A skilled attorney can offer more than legal advice: He or she can also refer you to highly qualified physicians, physical therapists, and personal counselors. Being surrounded by caring support can make all the difference in the world to how your post-accident recovery turns out.

Why Chaffin Luhana?

You already know that there are plenty of auto accident law firms in the Pittsburgh area. With so many choices, why go with Chaffin Luhana?

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