Pressure Cooker Explosions [Infographic]

Household Pressure Cooker Explosions [Infographic]

Pressure Cooker Overview

Higher Temperatures

The tight-fitting lid prevents steam from escaping. Pressure builds, allowing inside temperatures to rise above the normal boiling point of 212 degrees Fahrenheit.

Direct Contact

The steam’s heat is transferred directly to the surface of the food.

Improved Safety

  • A safety lid which is designed to prevent pressure build-up if the lid is not sealed properly. It also prevents the lid from being opened until all of the pressure has been released.
  • A spring-loaded steam release valve is designed to automatically release steam pressure build around the lid.

Potential Pressure Cooker Defects and Injuries

As the pressure within the cooker builds, the potentially defective steam release valve and safety lid can allow the user to open the lid while high pressure remains within the device.
This can potentially lead to the contents of the pressure cooker along with the scolding steam to burst out of the cooker. Exposure to the scolding steam can cause severe burns and permanent scarring all over the user’s body.