Should I Sue a Friend or Family Member After an Accident?

Ultimately, the answer to this question is—it is up to you. However, most lawsuits involving friends or family members are directed against insurance companies, not against individuals. Seeking compensation for your injuries and expenses is a crucial step towards rebuilding your life.

Why pay for something you never use?

Insurance is one of those things that everyone needs, but no one wants. Paying premiums month after month, year after year can be not only burdensome but downright pointless– especially when you never see a return on your investment.

All of that changes as soon as there is an accident. In a single instant, those policies which once seemed so useless become the most beneficial thing in our lives.

Keep this in mind when deciding whether or not to seek legal action against a friend or family member.

Five tips

More often than not, even the most difficult conversations go easier when you approach them in the right way. With that in mind, here are five tips for talking to your friends and family members about your decision to seek legal representation:

  1. Avoid finger-pointing: For example, instead of saying, “you’re the cause of all this,” say, “this situation has forced me to make a difficult choice.”
  2. Stay positive: Emphasize the benefits of inviting a legal professional into the conversation. Not only will you have the compensation you need, but your friend or family member will also have greater peace of mind where you’re concerned.
  3. Understand the other person’s perspective: Putting yourself in the other person’s shoes can prevent misunderstandings before they have a chance to start.
  4. Know the difference between being assertive and being abrasive: Standing up for yourself is one thing. Provoking needless confrontation is quite another.
  5. Focus on shared concerns: Anyone who cares about you will want you to have the funds you need to pay for needed expenses. Sometimes legal action is the best way to achieve this shared goal.

Seeing the situation through new eyes

One way to get a fresh perspective on this concern is to schedule a consultation with a Pittsburgh personal injury attorney from our team. They will have helpful suggestions for managing your personal relationships during this challenging time.

Choosing the right law firm

This brings us to the topic of choosing the right Pittsburgh car accident attorney to handle your case. What should you look for when making this crucial decision? Here are some essential facts to keep in mind:

  • Results speak louder than words: There’s nothing wrong with asking a law firm how much money it has recovered for its clients over the years. In fact, having this information is essential for making the best possible choice.
  • A legal consultation should never cost you a dime: Look for a law firm that will charge you nothing to simply tell your story.
  • A great law firm offers more than legal help: It surrounds injury victims with the encouragement and support they need to move past their injuries and get on with living their lives.

Once you consider these factors, we’re sure that you’ll choose us to represent you. Here’s why:

  • Our track record: Our distinguished attorneys have recovered more than $1 billion for their clients, a figure which can’t help but inspire trust.
  • Our no-cost consultations and contingency terms: You’ll never have to worry about paying out-of-pocket fees for our services.
  • Our client-centered philosophy: We’re one of the few law firms in the country to have a licensed social worker on our staff for the benefit of our clients. You’re never just a case number to us.

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