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Injury Law Firm In Pittsburgh PAWelcome to the Spring 2021 Chaffin Luhana Newsletter!

We have lots to cover in this edition, including:

1. An article detailing the Top 5 things to do if you’re in an auto accident. (Probably a good idea to print & save in your glovebox – just in case!)

2. Ever wondered what ‘Mass Tort’ actually means? We explain

3. A chance to pick up some cool Chaffin Luhana swag by entering one of our Contests

Keep scrolling to keep up with our work in the community, our new team members, and ways we can continue to help you if you should ever need us.


Chaffin Luhana News

In the courts: We continue to be very busy despite the pandemic. While most courts remain closed or on a remote limited calendar, our fight for justice for our clients endures. To that end, we continue to be on the forefront of the national Zantac/ ranitidine Litigation, and the federal MDL continues to progress. Click here to learn more.

In the community: We’re now accepting submissions for our annual Anti-Distracted Driving Scholarship! This scholarship will award a local student in the Greater Pittsburgh area a $2,500 scholarship to be applied toward further education. All they have to do to enter is write an essay helping in the fight against distracted driving. Know a student who could benefit? Click here for more information. 


The 5 things to do if you’re in an automobile accident

Driver In CarWhen you get into an automobile accident, there are certain steps that are good to follow to ensure everyone’s safety, as well as to ensure you’re prepared in a potential case. Here’s our Top 5 things to do if/when an accident occurs:  
1. Safety First! Your immediate priority will be to get everyone to safety and call for emergency responders. 
2. Talking to the other driver: When exchanging contact/insurance information, do not apologize to the other driver – they may try to use your apology as proof that you were responsible for the crash.  
3. Filing the police report: When the police arrive, you should answer all their questions honestly. Be sure to point out anything that the other driver did wrong, such as not using a turn signal or running a red light.  
4. Documenting the scene: Accident documentation can help your lawyer substantiate your claim. 
5. Reporting the accident: Before reporting the accident to your insurance carrier, it’s a good idea to speak with a car accident attorney. They will let you know what you should and shouldn’t say to the adjuster. 

Click here to read the full article  


What, exactly, is a ‘Mass Tort’ case? 

For clients that have engaged us regarding the claims of dangerous drugs or defective medical devices (or other products), one of the first questions we’re typically asked is “What is a Mass Tort Case – and why does it apply to me?

We asked our very own Roopal Luhana to explain; click here to learn about mass tort cases and how they differ from class-action lawsuits.


Team Member Spotlight: Andrew Bell


This quarter’s spotlight focuses on Andrew Bell, one of our personal injury attorneys who works in the firm’s Pittsburgh office.

How long have you been with Chaffin Luhana and what do you do here? I’m still the new guy – I began this past January after passing the perpetually-postponed remote bar exam! 

What is your favorite thing about working at Chaffin Luhana? It has to be the genuine teamwork that is brought to each project. Being a new attorney, as well as new to the firm, everyone here is very willing and eager to help me learn. The sense of camaraderie is something I have not experienced in other legal workplaces and it’s something I highly value. 

How do your talents best fit your role here at the firm? I consider myself primarily an extrovert and someone who enjoys establishing a connection with others. Also, while I know many people enjoy routine, I find my stride in doing something new – and in the few months I have been with the firm, there has been no shortage of new experiences! I’m excited about my future here, and know that my background and experiences can serve as an asset in propelling the firm to new levels of success.  

Tell us what you do in your spare time. I’m quite the indoor cycler – you can often find me spinning at Zenergy Cycling in East Liberty. Music is also another passion of mine – I enjoy attending concerts, musicals, and operas (I won’t even mention my ill-fated American Idol audition…), as well as exploring local cuisine; though born and raised Southerner, I still cannot condone putting coleslaw and fries on the same sandwich!

For more on Andrew, click here to view his profile.


Not one, but two contests!

#1: Want a chance to win 1 of 3 super-plush, super-cozy Chaffin Luhana hoodies? It’s easy – simply follow us on both Facebook and Instagram by April 31st.  

How to enter? Just visit the Chaffin Luhana pages here: Facebook Instagram, and follow us! Winners to be chosen at random. 

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#2: Don’t forget our ongoing ‘Good Deed of the Week’ contest – where we recognize someone “Doing Good by Doing Right™ in their local communities. 

Do you know someone who is deserving of this $100 prize awarded weekly? Nominate them on the 3WS Radio website.  


A few recent words from our clients…

“Everyone on my case treated me with the utmost respect and they talked to me like they would talk to their own loved ones. They were often calling to check on me and give me updates. Not for one moment did I feel like I was going through this process alone.” 
Bev T. 
“I would recommend this firm to anyone who wants personal attention and to feel like they’re not just a number. They’ve exceeded my expectations and I haven’t even settled my claim yet.” 
Robert G.
“They have been very responsive and caring from the moment I reached about our car accident. They make communication so easy – text, email, or phone. Their team cares a lot about their clients and make sure I have everything I need.” 
Brian M.

The Last Word…

We pay a high level of attention to developing and maintaining a personal and professional relationship with our clients so that our past clients will always turn to us for any other legal needs that may arise for them in the future.

Our past clients are our source for the vast majority of new cases that are referred to us. We believe that is the highest compliment that a law firm can receive and hope that you will afford us the same privilege.

With that, please consider referring us if you know someone in need of help. 

If we can help in any way, please email us here, or call/text us at (888) 480-1123