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Holly Culbertson

Senior Paralegal

Holly Culbertson is a Senior Paralegal at Chaffin Luhana LLP.

Holly has over 20 years of experience as a litigation paralegal. She received her initial paralegal training with the U.S. Marine Corps, her Paralegal Certificate from Stonybrook University and her Bachelor of Science Degree in Criminal Psychology from the University of Phoenix.

Holly has handled a wide array of projects and works closely with the firm’s clients. She is the lead paralegal for the firm on the Paraguard, Zantac, Hernia Mesh, Xarelto, 3T Heater Cooler, Pressure Cookers, Transvaginal Mesh, Granuflo, and General Motors Airbag.

Holly resides with her daughter and her beloved dog Luna. She enjoys meditation, reading, painting, photography, and gardening in her free time.

For 2018 and 2019, Holly nominated Bess the Book Bus. Her contribution will help Bess the Book Bus, Inc. provide books to poverty-stricken areas around the country. She supports the organization’s mission to create lifelong readers.

In 2020, Holly’s Chaffin Luhana Foundation charity donations were to Liberty Manor for Veterans. Per Holly, “I chose this charity because, as a veteran, I have served with many who have suffered after leaving the military. Many are in need of assistance in simply living day-to-day, requiring housing, food, jobs, and mental/medical care. Liberty Manor aides these veterans and provides them with a safe environment to become more integrated into society.”

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