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Kelsey Stanton

Case Specialist

Kelsey Stanton is an Mass Tort Coordinator in the firm’s Pittsburgh and West Virginia offices.

Kelsey was working at UPMC Children’s Hospital as a pharmacy tech before coming to Chaffin Luhana. She attended college at Adrian College in Michigan and Chatham University in Pittsburgh where she played ice hockey and studied psychology.

In her free time, she enjoys reading, playing video games with my family, and continuing to play hockey. She also enjoys exploring trails and hiking paths with her sister and her daughter. My hobbies include cooking, baking, and gardening.

Kelsey’s 2020 Chaffin Luhana Foundation charity donation was to the American Heart Association, a choice made from direct experience after her niece was born with a birth defect of the heart. Says Kelsey, “It’s very stressful for parents/families of these babies – as well as for the hospitals and homes who support the families through their experiences. These children have to have regular check-ups throughout their lives and sometimes have multiple surgeries, depending on the level of the malformation. This is something that I never would have thought about previously, but now that I have personally experienced the stress, turmoil, and anxiety that can arise, as well as seeing how much it meant to my brother and sister-in-law simply to have food, games, reading material, etc. to help keep them sane…I realize just how important this is.”

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